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Campbell assumes
command of USAREUR

U.S. Army Europe
Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell Jr. formally assumed command of U.S. Army Europe in a ceremony on Clay Kaserne in Wiesbaden, Germany, Jan. 9.
Adm. James Stavridis, commander of U.S. European Command, gave the keynote address at the ceremony. The admiral said Campbell and his wife Ann are perfect for USAREUR and their return to duty in Germany and the move of USAREUR’s headquarters Wiesbaden symbolize the U.S. commitment to Europe and mark the beginning of a new era for USAREUR.
Stavridis quoted President Barack Obama, who called the NATO alliance, “the cornerstone of American engagement with the world,” and noted that USAREUR Soldiers are deployed side by side with European partner forces across Europe and in Afghanistan. He highlighted the worth of the combined training USAREUR conducts routinely with those forces at its training sites in Germany and elsewhere.
Stavridis concluded by speaking directly to the new USAREUR commander and listing three things he wants USAREUR to focus on during his command: continued assistance to Afghanistan after 2014; continued alliance with European partner forces; and new ways to apply innovative techniques such as cyber-operations, special operations, missile defense and other emerging technologies in the USAREUR mission.
In his remarks Campbell also spoke of partnerships and the future.
“Our European partners have stood side by side with us in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa and the Balkans,” he said. “These partnerships, grounded in trust, remain the cornerstone for U.S. engagement with the world.”
“This is why U.S. Army Europe remains more vital today than ever.”
The challenge, he said, will be to maintain and build upon these gains in an era of dwindling resources. But he added that USAREUR’s transformation is making it better able to meet those challenges.
“We are in the process of deactivating two long-storied brigades, and we are reducing our garrison footprint across Europe. This transition makes us leaner, better organized, and more agile. In the end we will be better prepared to face the challenges of the future,” he said.
Campbell officially became the 38th commander of USAREUR upon his arrival in Germany Dec. 1, following an assignment as commander of III Corps and Fort Hood, Texas.
Services meet, exceed
goals through November

Department of Defense
The Department of Defense announced Jan. 10 recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2013, through November.
Active Component.
Recruiting.  All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2013, through November.
Army – 11,685 accessions, with a goal of 11,550; 101 percent
Navy – 5,299 accessions, with a goal of 5,299; 100 percent
Marine Corps – 4,293 accessions, with a goal of 4,307; 100 percent
Air Force – 4,452 accessions, with a goal of 4,452; 100 percent
Retention.  The Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps exhibited strong retention numbers for the second month of fiscal 2013. While the Navy exhibited strong retention numbers in the mid-career and career categories, the Navy’s achievement of 88 percent in the initial category is a result of the transition from a downsizing to a stabilizing posture.
Reserve Component.
Recruiting.  Five of the six reserve components met or exceeded their fiscal-year-to-date 2013 recruiting goals. The Army Reserve finished November 654 short of their goal.
Army National Guard – 8,453 accessions, with a goal of 7,146; 118 percent
Army Reserve – 4,013 accessions, with a goal of 4,667; 86 percent
Navy Reserve – 877 accessions, with a goal of 877; 100 percent
Marine Corps Reserve – 1,768 accessions, with a goal of 1,569; 113 percent
Air National Guard – 1,414 accessions, with a goal of 1,414; 100 percent
Air Force Reserve – 1,279 accessions, with a goal of 1,279; 100 percent
Attrition – All reserve components have met their fiscal-year-to-date attrition goals.  Current trends are expected to continue.  (This indicator lags by a month due to data availability).
Detailed information on specific recruiting data can be obtained by contacting the individual military recruiting commands at (502) 626-0164 for Army, (210) 565-4678 for Air Force, (703) 784-9454 for Marine Corps, and (901) 874-9048 for Navy.  The Reserve Components can be reached at the following numbers:  National Guard Bureau (703) 607-2586, Army Reserve (910) 570-8330, Air Force Reserve (703) 697-1761, Navy Reserve (757) 322-5652, and Marine Corps Reserve (504) 678-6535.