DS Logon is handy in today’s online digital world

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By U.S. Army Human Resources Command Public Affairs

For anyone with a U.S. Army affiliation, whether presently serving or not, a Department of Defense Self-Service Logon, better known as DS Logon, can come in handy in today’s online, digital world.

DS Logon allows eligible account holders to access common access card-protected U.S. Army Human Resources Command websites without using a CAC-reader enabled computer, laptop or mobile device.

DS Logon eligibility extends to service members—whether active duty, Guard or Reserve—retirees, veterans, spouses and former spouses who are DOD beneficiaries, Family members age 18 and older and DOD civilians and contractors, as long as the individual is enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

This is for individuals without access to the official Army network: Soldiers in the field or on the move, as well as veterans, retirees and Family members at home. The HRC public website, www.hrc.army.mil, My Record Portal and Soldier Manage-ment System can all be accessed via DS Logon.

Additionally, an account holder has access to nearly 50 military and government self-service sites such as MyPay, MyArmyBene-fits and various Tricare and Veterans Affairs sites—and all through the use of one user name and password combination.

DS Logon was created by the Defense Manpower Data Center as an identity credential to allow individuals with DOD or VA affiliations to connect with data systems in accordance with authentication assurance and security standards of the Personnel Identity Protection Directive and the National Institute of Standards and Technology e-Authentication guidance.

There are presently two levels of DS Logon access, basic and premium. A Level 1, or basic account, permits access to data based on the parameters of each individual agency. A premium, or Level 2 account, allows expanded access for viewing personal information, applying for benefits online, checking claim status and the like.

Individuals who register for DS Logon
with a CAC are automatically granted Level 2 access. And despite what the names may infer, there is no cost or fee for access at either level.

To establish an account, go to the DS Logon Help Center at https://myaccess.dmdc.osd.mil/identitymanagement/help.do?execution=e3s1 for detailed instructions and information.

Keep in mind that once established, DS Logon passwords have to be updated every 90 days, and that the system does go offline periodically for regularly scheduled maintenance.

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