Duke Brigade commander coordinates with local schools

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3rd IBCT Public Affairs
Col. William Ostlund, commander of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, hosted a briefing with local teachers and staff members from schools throughout the surrounding Fort Knox communities, May 30 at Haszard Auditorium.
The meeting was part of Ostlund’s commitment to the local community and outlined the brigade’s mission, its objectives and window for deployment and redeployment—all topics he believes are necessary for mission success.
“Our teachers, administrators and coaches, on and off post, are instrumental to our children’s success—this is even more so when we are deployed,” said Ostlund. “Ensuring our educators understand our deployment and redeployment windows will ensure they are best postured to support our children and Families.”
He added, “Understanding the Infantry Brigade Combat Team and the diverse mission set 3rd IBCT will take on and the geographic dispersion we will experience will allow teachers to better stay abreast of news and what is happening in Afghanistan.”
The ‘Duke’ Soldiers have already begun to deploy to various areas throughout Afghanistan, each of them with a unique set of challenges.
After giving an in-depth brief, Ostlund made himself available to answer any questions and took the time to thank the attendees for their unwavering support.
Ensuring the ‘Duke’ Families and the community stays informed of the missions and tasks ahead for the 3rd IBCT is an area Ostlund has stressed since taking command last year and one he plans to continue as the Soldiers accomplish their mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
More than 2,500 Soldiers are projected to deploy throughout the month of June.