Fire truck exhibit gets boost from Radcliff

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Chief of Staff
The Radcliff /Fort Knox Convention & Tourism Commission recently presented the Patton Foundation with a check for $50,000 toward the completion of the 9-11 exhibit at the General George S. Patton Museum of Leadership.
The Patton Museum is changing every day and with the assistance of the foundation and others they are well on their way in developing the design and construction is scheduled to begin in early 2014.
The museum is excited to have Foam 161 from the Pentagon in its collection at the Patton Museum. It is more than just a “piece of equipment or relic” but a tangible and very significant piece of American history that illustrates the concept of leadership.
When finished, the exhibit will allow visitors to listen to the three firefighters—Alan Wallace, Dennis Young and Mark Skipper—tell their stories on the fateful day when the Pentagon was attacked. Their willingness to take risks and take charge in a dangerous and doubtful situation is another example of leadership.
Wallace, Skipper and Young had received a chilling message from their chief. The World Trade Center in New York was under attack. Washington was a target. They were told to be prepared to respond to a call anywhere in the city.
And that was the point. They were ready on 9-11 like they were every other day. That preparation, training and mental attitude set them up to come to the aid of the military while good leadership throughout their careers enabled them to take action, take charge of the situation and respond to the crisis.
This will be one of many exhibits to illustrate leadership through the ages from World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
The Fort Knox leadership hopes that you visit the museum in the coming months to see this new exhibit taking shape and visit other new exhibits including the WWII Barracks.
The exhibits are designed to prompt you to reflect on yourself and your experiences as a leader and as a follower. What could you do better? What does it really take to lead?