Kok pins on star during ceremony

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Commander eager for new challenges

11th Aviation Command Public Affairs NCOIC
The 11th Aviation Command held a promotion ceremony for their new commanding general April 6 at Hangar 1 on the flight line at Fort Knox. Col. Troy Kok was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in a pinning ceremony that was officiated by Maj. Gen. David Post.
During the ceremony, the Army 100th Division Band provided the music, and Kok’s daughter Kaci sang the national anthem a cappella. His son Ryan who participates in JROTC at his high school, presented the colors.
In honor of earning the rank of brigadier general, the 11th Aviation Command presented the first round fired. The first round fired signifies the official authorization of the rank of brigadier general. During ceremonies for generals, one shot per star is fired from a cannon to signify the rank given at the time
of the promotion.
Once the promotion order was read, Kok’s wife Sara, and Kaci removed his colonel rank, and placed the star on his shoulders. Kok then removed his jacket so his parents could pin the new rank on his white shirt as well.
“This is a proud moment for the U.S. Army Reserves, as well as the 11th Aviation Command,” said Post.
Post said he was honored to be part of such a special day.
Kok, commander of the Army Reserve 11th Aviation Command, said he couldn’t have gotten as far as he has in his three-decade long military career without the aid and support of his Family, who were present at the ceremony.
Kok, who served a majority of his military career in aviation, said he is ecstatic to be the new commanding general for the 11th Aviation.
“I am eager to face any challenges that may come our way,” said Kok. “I also look forward to getting to know the Soldiers that make the 11th Aviation Command the great unit it is.”
Kok is a graduate of Central Missouri State University. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology, and a Master’s of Science in Aviation Safety. Kok received his commission as a second lieutenant in 1984. Kok took command of the 11th Aviation Command last November.