Around Knox

  • Sullivan University, Preeminent Training Specialists prepare Soldiers for employment

    Sullivan University

    Seventy five percent of the graduates of a Veterans Retraining and Re-employment Initiative sponsored by Sullivan University have been offered jobs.

  • Helping people in need an opportunity, not inconvenience


    Garrison Pastoral Coordinator

    All too often, we pass by people and barely make notice of them. While most people will give a gentle smile, a nod, or even a wave to people they pass as a gesture of acknowledgement, we will usually stop at that, for to give anymore attention or embark on a conversation would take too much time.

  • Vehicle-related incidents claim lives of four Soldiers

    U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center

    An 18th Military Brigade, Vicenza, Italy, Soldier died from injuries sustained in a private motor vehicle crash that occurred Sept. 6 in Vicenza. The 26-year-old specialist was operating a 2005 Honda CBR 600RR when he struck the rear end of a commercial truck. He was ejected from the motorcycle and was struck by a second vehicle while he was on the roadway. The Soldier was pronounced dead at the scene. He was trained and wearing full PPE.

  • IRACH remembers those who make ultimate sacrifice



    The Ireland Army Community hosted a Patriot’s Day Prayer Luncheon Sept. 11 to remember those killed during terrorists attacks on the U.S. Sept. 11, 2001.

    “Thirteen years have passed since that day when 2,977 innocent Americans lost their lives as a result of the attacks at World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93 crash in a Pennsylvania field,” said Col. Matthew Rettke, IRACH commander.

  • 83rd ARRTC, safety office train Soldiers


    Gold Standard Staff Writer


    Col. Ernest Parker, commander of the 83rd Army Reserve Readiness Training Center, recently presented Dr. Chris Rainwater, the Fort Knox director of safety, with a Commander’s Coin as a way to thank him for his support with safety training.

    During the summer, the 83rd ARRTC hosted safety personnel from multiple installations, along with its own Soldiers, for yearly training, Parker said. This year’s training, however, went beyond classroom instruction.

  • Soldiers build bridge, clear trail at Saunders Springs

    2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment
    Whether for physical training or weekend hobbies, Soldiers often go off post to enjoy the trails at Saunders Springs Nature Preserve in Radcliff. On Aug. 8, Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, headed to Saunders Springs to get their hands dirty by volunteering to help build a bridge and clear a trail for mountain bikers.

  • Vaccinations provide protection against illnesses


    Although National Immunization Awareness month has ended and most children have returned to school, this is still a good time of year to review required vaccines and check immunization schedules to be sure everyone is adequately protected.

    For most, immunization starts early. Infants receive a series of six primary immunizations from birth to 6 months:

    * DTaP, the vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis

    * Hib, the vaccine for haemophilus influenza type b

    * PCV, the vaccine for pneumococcus

  • U.S. Soldiers learn how to survive in jungle, kill snakes


    25th Infantry Division PAO

    Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, 2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, learned how to survive in the jungle through a day of survival training during Garuda Shield 14 at Puslatpur Asem Bagus, Indonesia, Sept. 4.

    The first classes of the day were taught by the Tentara Nasional Indonesia, referred to as the TNI soldiers. The afternoon class was taught by the U.S. Soldiers.

  • President to send more troops to Iraq as part of strategy


    DoD News, Defense Media Activity

    The United States will not hesitate to strike the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria, President Barack Obama said Sept. 10, and the U.S. military is ready.

    “Decisions about when to conduct these actions will be made at a prudent time as we continue to prosecute our comprehensive strategy against these ISIL terrorists,” said a senior defense official, speaking on background.