Around Knox

  • Things that go “boom”
  • DHA warns beneficiaries of potential scam


    The Defense Health Agency, Office of Program Integrity has re- ceived a significant number of con- cerns from our Tricare beneficiaries regarding unsolicited attempts by “Call Centers” to encourage them to provide personal identifying information and health information so that they can allegedly provide prescribed cream medications to the Tricare beneficiary.

  • 52nd EOD visits Knox for competition



    The 52nd Ordnance Group, based out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, visited Fort Knox April 13-17 for its annual explosive ordnance disposal competition to determine who will compete on its behalf at the DOD coopetition.

    The events included finding and disposing of a weapons cache, chemical decontamination and transportation for disposal, and locating and making safe unknown ordnance. Participates included the top teams from earlier competitions from Fort Drum, New York; Fort Campbell Kentucky; and Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

  • Fort Knox Monthly Retirement Ceremony

    The monthly post retirement ceremony will be tomorrow at 3 p.m. at Waybur Theater and hosted by the U.S. Army adjutant general, Brig. Gen. James Iacocca, and his senior enlisted advisor, Sgt. Maj. Roland Dore.  The public is invited to attend this event, which serves to honor the following retirees.
    Lt. Col. Corey Griffiths    U.S. Army Human Resources Command    22


    School calendar of events online

    The Fort Knox Schools system has assembled a master calendar showcasing schools’ activities of interest to parents and other community members. The calendar lists events, except sports, scheduled in all four Fort Knox Schools. Current examples are a band performance, a luau spring dance, and a scholastic book fair. Parents with children in different schools and grades can now more easily plan to attend school events. The master calendar is online at www.am.dodea.edu/knox/FKCSCO/Pages/SEI.html.

  • HRC SHARP program opens its doors to raise awareness


    Human Resources Command Public Affairs

    The U.S. Army Human Resources Command opened the doors to its Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention office April 16, at the HRC complex, to raise awareness of the SHARP program, not only for HRC employees but those in the community.

    HRC sexual assault response coordinator and program director, Master Sgt. Johnnie Garcia, expressed her surprise when more than 150 people from both the command and across the installation stopped by to offer congratulations.

  • ECTC holding registration for summer school, fall classes for all campuses



  • Pursuit of pleasure concept is improper perspective of blessings


    Deputy Command Chaplain

    U.S. Army Cadet Command

    My first car was a used 1982 Mustang LX. I did not have a good job and I needed a car to get to work. It was sedan with a four cylinder engine. It did not have power steering, power breaks, or air conditioning. But, when I drove it off the lot, I was happy—I had a Mustang.

  • Don’t fall victim to spring cleaning hazards


    Safety Specialist

    It’s spring! That means you have to cut the grass, repaint the shed, repair the roof shingles, clean out the garage and so much more. Did you realize during spring cleaning we expose ourselves to more hazards than Homer Simpson in a nuclear power plant?

    Unlike work, we typically disregard the personal protective equipment we should wear while working on projects at home.

  • Army Core Values, community, can help prevent child abuse


    Fort Knox Army Community Service

    Military life, although recognized as stressful at times, does not cause child abuse. However, creating a culture of 360-degree awareness is vital to preventing child abuse from happening. And an engaged and aware Army community is essential to this effort.