Around Knox

  • Hardin County students to learn ‘Code,’ global event


    Community Relations Specialist

    Hardin County Schools

    Students in several Hardin County Schools will soon learn a new language in one hour. There will be no foreign language teacher and no dictionary that translates one language into English and vice versa.

  • Two guardsmen killed in AH-64D accident

    U.S. Army Combat/Readiness Safety Center

    Two Idaho Army National Guard Soldiers were killed in an AH-64D mishap that occurred Nov. 6 in Boise, Idaho. The two chief warrant officers suffered fatal injuries when their aircraft crashed during a routine training flight. A Centralized Accident Investigation team from the Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center is investigating.

  • Roth TSP changes, active component must opt in


    Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

    If you are an active duty member of the Army, Air Force or Navy making dollar-amount Roth contributions to your Thrift Savings Plan account, these deductions will stop Jan. 31, 2015, unless you act.

    How your election requirements will change:

  • ACS announces local employment postings, hirings all areas

    ACS Employment Readiness Program

    The Army Community Service Employment Readiness Program provides employment information and other supportive services primarily to family members who are relocating as a result of a military or civilian sponsor’s permanent change of station. Other categories of personnel who are eligible for services are nontransitioning military personnel, retirees and their spouses.

  • Ireland hospital encourages online patient participation


    Chief, Clinical Support Division, IRACH

    Scheduling appointments just got easier at Ireland Army Community Hospital. There are now multiple ways to request an appointment. The preferred method is Tricare online (www.tricareonline.com). The hospital staff is proud to announce that Ireland Army Community Hospital was ranked number one for the Northern Region Medical Command in booking primary care appointments through Tricare online.

  • Expect new safety forum


    Director, Garrison Safety

    When garrison and NAF personnel are injured or involved in accidents that result in property damage, it is very important that the Garrison Safety Office be notified as soon as possible. Prompt reporting of accidents is always extremely important; however, as we all know, ice and snow can also mean slips and falls. Even accidents that almost happened, also called a “near miss,” need to be reported to the safety office.

  • Exchange restaurants open to visitors

    Army & Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs

    At military installations across the globe, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service provides a taste of home to Soldiers, Airmen and their Families. While rules governing who can buy merchandise at Exchanges often apply to a select few, anyone can dine in Exchange restaurants or pick up grab-and-go fare from Express locations.

  • SJA recommends seeking legal advice when conducting estate planning


    Fort Knox Legal Assistance Office

    One of the questions we frequently receive at the Legal Assistance Office is whether a revocable living trust is advisable as an estate-planning device.

    Many people are concerned with avoiding inconvenience for their heirs by avoiding a long probate process, or litigation challenging the will. Others want to shelter their assets from federal estate taxes and/or state inheritance taxes and pass on as much of their estate as possible to their loved ones.

  • Darkness can be lit with a well-shined light


    Recruiting Branch

    The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. ~ John 1:5 NLT

    I’ve come to realize the truth in that Scripture—darkness will never be able to extinguish light. It’s a good thing too because running in the dark can be very dangerous.

    On mornings that I get a run in near my house, I always start out in the dark. The only lights on at that time of day are streetlights and the occasional light from a neighbor’s bathroom or kitchen.

  • Health care recruiters dispel myths using mobile exhibit


    Medical Recruiting Brigade Advertising and Public Affairs

    In recent years, Army health care recruiters have sought to dispel some of the myths of modern Army medicine. In the mind of many Americans, Army medicine still conjures up images of conscripts serving in dusty tents with dirt floors, with medics holding IV bottles and flashlights so the surgeons can do their life-and-limb saving work.