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  • Keeping the water flowing
  • Sec Def addresses USASMA, discusses threats


    DOD News, Defense Media Activity

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in what was expected to be his last major address to the troops before leaving office, told an Army audience today the world is at a defining moment, with events charging ahead with a new immediacy, creating less margin for error for U.S. leaders and he urged the military to “prepare this institu-tion in ways that we’ve never had to.”

  • Two-hour weather delay not a suggestion


    Senior Staff Writer

    When a two-hour delay is called for the installation many believe it’s OK to ignore it and brave the cold or adverse conditions because they don’t think the delay is needed, or they think they are dedicated and don’t want to miss work.

    But, the delay is done as a safety precaution because the post’s Directorate of Public Works uses that time to clear streets and parking lots.

  • DOD makes progress on Women In Service review


    DoD News, Defense Media Activity

    Following the 2013 repeal of the Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule, the secretary of defense is scheduled to announce final decisions to integrate remaining closed occupations and any approved exceptions to policy on or about Jan. 1, 2016.

  • New IRS rules, must report health coverage


    DOD News, Defense Media Activity

    As tax season begins, Defense Department officials want to remind TRICARE beneficiaries of changes in the tax laws, which require all Americans to have health care insurance or potentially pay a tax penalty.

    For the first time since the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, all U.S. citizens, including service members, military retirees and their family members, must report health care coverage on their 2014 taxes, said Mark Ellis, a Defense Health Agency health care operations program analyst.


    Facebook Town Hall today

    Fort Knox PAO

    The Fort Knox commanding general will host a Fort Knox Facebook Town Hall from 7 to 8 p.m. Jan. 22. This will provide installation personnel and community members an opportunity to ask questions about the post, to include its services, policies and facilities. The questions will be answered by post leadership and subject matter experts. To participate community members must go to www.facebook.com/events/383421698486427/?ref=5.

    Buddy Bat to throw pitch

    Fort Knox PAO

  • Vets, Soldiers team up for volunteer effort


    U.S. Army Human Resources Command Public Affairs Office

    More than 120 volunteers from the Fort Knox military community answered a call for support Sunday to remove memorial wreaths from gravesites at the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Central on Dixie Highway just north of Radcliff.

    Many hands made for light work, and the volunteers and cemetery staff had the wreaths gathered and transported to an on-site collection point in record time, said cemetery director Chuck Heater.

  • Making the grade, brings in the money!
  • E-prescriptions now available at military pharmacies

    Tricare.mil Staff

    The Military Health System has deployed electronic prescribing in military pharmacies across its system of clinics and hospitals in the United States, and in Guam and Puerto Rico.

    This capability will allow civilian providers to send prescriptions electronically to military pharmacies, reducing the need for handwritten prescriptions.

  • Why I serve—it’s a choice


    416th Theater Engineer Command

    A few years back, I read a story about a woman who spat in the face of a Soldier at the airport. I don’t know the reason why. Maybe she hated war and saw all Soldiers as a symbol of that violence.