• IRACH to reassign hospital providers


    Ireland Army Community Hospital Commander

    The Ireland Army Community Hospital health care team is dedicated to providing the best health care possible to service members, family members and retirees in the Fort Knox Community.

    At times the medical treatment facility is forced to make primary care manager changes based on provider deployments, provider departures as well as newly hired providers.

  • Victim blaming doesn’t solve domestic violence problem


    Gold Standard Senior Staff Writer


    By now, most people have seen the video or heard the story about former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then fiancée, and now wife, Janay Palmer at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

  • Service animals are not pets, tool for handlers

    EEO WRP Student
    I have the greatest pleasure of being paired with a Seeing Eye Dog named “Jack”. We have traversed the United States on airplanes, trains and cars to visit family for special occasions. Each time I have had the opportunity to educate individuals on how to interact with service animals. I hope that the information I share will help how others see service animals and their handlers.

  • Resilience program increases Soldier’s well-being, self-awareness


    Kentucky National Guard

  • Retiring writer, editor shares career highs


    Gold Standard Acting Editor

    The time has come to say farewell; I’d love to share a few of the highlights in a career I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Chaos at home? Run household like CEO

    News and Experts

    All successful CEOs have one thing in common: They’re able to maintain a big-picture perspective. It’s also something successful moms have in common, says Zenovia Andrews, a business strategist, speaker, author and mom who coaches entrepreneurs and CEOs on time and budget management.

  • Adaptive sports lead to independence, less stress


    VAntage Point Blog

    When I left the Army, it felt like I was leaving behind a part of myself. It’s a feeling that many Veterans experience as they transition from military to civilian life. Thankfully, VA was there to point me in the right direction and keep me on track with GI Bill benefits and health care at the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center.

  • Many avenues open for coping with loss

    News and Experts

    The loss of a child is the worst experience of a lifetime, say many parents; but, for children, the loss of a parent can lay the foundation of a lifetime of grievances, says Karolyn Rogers.

  • Army transition program rebranding


    Fort Leavenworth Lamp

    On Oct. 1, Soldiers will begin to have a more defined plan for transitioning out of the Army with the implementation of the Soldier Life Cycle.

    This three-phase career cycle supports the Soldier for Life initiative and prepares Soldiers from the beginning of their military service, until their transition to civilian life, with the resources needed to equip them with the employment skills, training, counseling and opportunities that will enhance their marketability after military service.

  • Media violence contributing to real life behavior?

    News and Experts

    We pay large amounts of money to watch people kill one another on giant movie theater screens.

    Video games allow for players to live a psychopathic life of crime.

    America’s favorite sport, football, clearly rewards brutality.

    “Our increasing tolerance of, and lust for, vicarious violence is frightening,” says scholar L. Craig Williams, author of “The Fourth Army,” (www.lcraigwilliams.com).