• Army transition program rebranding


    Fort Leavenworth Lamp

    On Oct. 1, Soldiers will begin to have a more defined plan for transitioning out of the Army with the implementation of the Soldier Life Cycle.

    This three-phase career cycle supports the Soldier for Life initiative and prepares Soldiers from the beginning of their military service, until their transition to civilian life, with the resources needed to equip them with the employment skills, training, counseling and opportunities that will enhance their marketability after military service.

  • Media violence contributing to real life behavior?

    News and Experts

    We pay large amounts of money to watch people kill one another on giant movie theater screens.

    Video games allow for players to live a psychopathic life of crime.

    America’s favorite sport, football, clearly rewards brutality.

    “Our increasing tolerance of, and lust for, vicarious violence is frightening,” says scholar L. Craig Williams, author of “The Fourth Army,” (www.lcraigwilliams.com).

  • Transition program dubbed 'TAP'

    Gold Standard Acting Editor
    We’ve learned a great deal about the power of a name since Shakespeare penned Romeo’s famous query “Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet?” A misnomer may give people the wrong impression or, worse yet, totally confuse them. The sister city of Boring, Oregon is Dull, Scotland; what sort of night life do you suppose they have?

  • Dog days of summer can be tempered with puppy love, activity

    Gold Standard Acting Editor
    Everyone has heard the old adage “dog is man’s best friend.”
    Personally, I’m conflicted about that. I love dogs and I like cats—but since I’m allergic, I don’t have to deal with feline smugness. However, my dog, Lady, is part of the family now and she’s been a faithful companion (sounds like Tonto, doesn’t it?)

  • Grandparenting has advantages, adjustments

    Gold Standard Acting Editor
    I am not a grandparent yet, but from everything I read on Facebook, I’m led to believe the experience is the next best thing to … well, you know … the thing that makes one a parent in the first place. I am eagerly looking forward to it and my first grandchild is on his way, with an ETA of Easter.

  • Duke supply experts teach ANA Soldiers importance of logistics

    Supply Technician, 201st Brigade Support Battalion
    During our last deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Soldiers from the 201st Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, worked shoulder to shoulder with Afghan National Security Forces in Regional Command-South to address shortcomings in their management of Class IX logistic items, which are repair parts.

  • Civilian professionals ensure mission success

    Deputy Chief of Staff
    U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox
    What’s a DAC?
    Ever heard anyone called a DAC? What does that mean? Is it a bad word, is it derogatory, maybe it’s the name of an animal or the sound a duck makes? I have heard it used many times over the years—Oh, they’re just DACs! How many DACs do you have in your organization? Did you count the number of DACs at the meeting...they outnumbered the military!

  • Tips for recognizing redeployment stress, methods to combat

    Real Warriors
    Experiencing stress as a result of military stressors is common for even the most seasoned service members. Sometimes, events such as family gatherings, holiday parties and other social events can be stressful for warriors returning home from deployment. This article outlines common stress reactions you may experience before or during social events, as well as provides tips and resources to help you decrease your stress level and anxiety surrounding social events.
    Signs You May Be Stressed

  • Retiring comfortably? Plan!

    News and Experts
    More and more Americans—28 percent in 2013—say they’re not at all confident they’ll have a comfortable retirement, according to an annual survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.
    Even the wealthiest among us have concerns; 38 percent of U.S. multi-millionaires are not “very confident” about their retirement income, a 2013 U.S. Trust survey found.

  • VA works to strengthen ‘America’s team’

    VAntage Blog (Veterans Affairs)
    In his State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama declared, “We are stronger when America fields a full team.” As we move to leverage the power of a fully represented “Team America,” VA is advancing the cause of our 2.2 million women veterans.
    Women veterans are one of the fastest-growing populations of veterans. By 2020, they will constitute more than 12 percent of all veterans.