• Civilian professionals ensure mission success

    Deputy Chief of Staff
    U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox
    What’s a DAC?
    Ever heard anyone called a DAC? What does that mean? Is it a bad word, is it derogatory, maybe it’s the name of an animal or the sound a duck makes? I have heard it used many times over the years—Oh, they’re just DACs! How many DACs do you have in your organization? Did you count the number of DACs at the meeting...they outnumbered the military!

  • Duke supply experts teach ANA Soldiers importance of logistics

    Supply Technician, 201st Brigade Support Battalion
    During our last deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Soldiers from the 201st Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, worked shoulder to shoulder with Afghan National Security Forces in Regional Command-South to address shortcomings in their management of Class IX logistic items, which are repair parts.

  • Tips for recognizing redeployment stress, methods to combat

    Real Warriors
    Experiencing stress as a result of military stressors is common for even the most seasoned service members. Sometimes, events such as family gatherings, holiday parties and other social events can be stressful for warriors returning home from deployment. This article outlines common stress reactions you may experience before or during social events, as well as provides tips and resources to help you decrease your stress level and anxiety surrounding social events.
    Signs You May Be Stressed

  • Retiring comfortably? Plan!

    News and Experts
    More and more Americans—28 percent in 2013—say they’re not at all confident they’ll have a comfortable retirement, according to an annual survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.
    Even the wealthiest among us have concerns; 38 percent of U.S. multi-millionaires are not “very confident” about their retirement income, a 2013 U.S. Trust survey found.

  • VA works to strengthen ‘America’s team’

    VAntage Blog (Veterans Affairs)
    In his State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama declared, “We are stronger when America fields a full team.” As we move to leverage the power of a fully represented “Team America,” VA is advancing the cause of our 2.2 million women veterans.
    Women veterans are one of the fastest-growing populations of veterans. By 2020, they will constitute more than 12 percent of all veterans.

  • Crazy weather frustrates many

    Gold Standard Acting Editor
    I’m not one of those whackos who attribute every natural disaster to the direct and opposite effect of some Congressman’s indiscretion or the gyrations of Elvis’s pelvis.
    However, this winter’s crazy weather has been enough to make anyone wonder about cosmic imbalances.
    I mean, this is nuts. Last week, we were enduring appropriately frosty winter weather with snow, sleet and a couple of crazy freeze-over-new-snow events. This week, the mercury is busting the 70s mark.

  • Writer remembers influential women in her life

    Gold Standard Senior Staff writer
    Each year in March we celebrate Women’s History Month and I thought it was only fitting that I take time to reflect and pay homage to the women in my life. They have guided and shaped me and also given me the proverbial kick in the buttocks when it was needed.

  • Deployment missions varied, flexibility key

    Commander 201st Brigade Support Battalion
    3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
    In June 2013, approximately 150 Soldiers of the 201st Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, also known as the “Thor” Battalion, deployed to Forward Operating Base Apache in southern Afghanistan. They were tasked to support 2,400 Soldiers of the Duke Brigade, with the mission to improve governance and provide stability to Zabul Province.

  • ‘Older’ ladies at gym get no respect from Spandex crowd

    The Meat and Potatoes of Life
    “What ever happened to that older lady that used to be here every week?” I overheard the girl in front of me ask her friend after our Pump & Sweat class ended at the base gym.
    She looked to be about 27 or so, with a youthful high ponytail and a purple Spandex tank top with a built in shelf bra.
    “You remember, the older lady—petite, short hair, lifted light weights, and was, well, real prim about it.”

  • Boys learn differently than girls: want to see ‘why’ before working

    News and Experts
    By now, it has become apparent to academics, administrators, parents and teachers that, in general, boys are underperforming in school, said Edmond Dixon, Ph.D, a veteran educator and international expert who offers enhanced teaching techniques for boys.
    And it may get worse, he said.
    It will take some creativity to teach some elements of Common Core, the educational initiative set to be implemented throughout most of the United States, in a way that’s conducive to how most boys best learn, Dixon said.