Fort Knox Commander

    Sunday is Father’s Day, a great time to reflect on the importance of Family in our lives and how fathers shape our destiny and direction.

    In talking to our Soldiers and civilians, they tell me that learning the Army Values was not something new to them. Those values were taught to them early in life by fathers or father figures.


    Accessions Command

    I’ve been asked by a few people on post about the fact that the U.S. flag isn’t flying over Brooks Field and in front of buildings on post.

    The post’s official flag pole is now in front of the LTG Maude Complex, home of the Human Resources Center of Excellence and Accessions Command, which is the Senior Command Headquarters for Fort Knox.

    Other organization flags have been taken down to ensure compliance with Army Regulation 840-10, section 2-2, paragraph B, which states:



    My college sophomore is studying abroad this summer. We paid her tuition, but she had to earn all her own travel and living expenses. And earn them she did.

    So I’ve been inundated with pictures of my child in a bikini swimming in the French Riviera. I’ve heard

    stories of trains nearly missed, of students on the lawns “studying accounting,” of salsa dances with strangers. And I am pea-green with envy.

  • By Lt. Gen. RICK LYNCH

    Commander, U.S. Army IMCOM

    I have moved many times in my career, within the United States and overseas. I have deployed several times, leaving my wife to pull double duty at home. I know the good, the bad, and the ugly of moving firsthand from my Family’s experience and the stories shared by other Soldiers, civilians, and Family members.

    Every move brings new opportunities, but also challenges and stress that can have a negative impact on work and home life.

  • Fort Knox Voting Assistance Office

    June has been designated Army Voter Registration Month. It should serve as a reminder to all Soldiers and their voting age Family members to square away all voting requirements by visiting www.fvap.gov, talking to unit voting assistance officers, and mailing in the Federal Post Card Application.


    Fort Knox Commander

    Monday our Army celebrates its 235th birthday.  “America’s Army: The strength of the Nation” is a theme that resonates with every Soldier, civilian, veteran and Family member.  


    Fort Knox Commander

    The May 27 Transfer of Authority and dedication of the LTG Maude Complex took place with the military tradition that we celebrate in our Army.  These ceremonies were truly exceptional.  Many of you on Fort Knox had a hand in making them dignified and, honestly, momentous.  I am proud to lead our team.


    Inspector General Office

    The Fort Knox and USAAC Office of the Inspector General has many responsibilities, but perhaps foremost among those is the responsibility to teach and train Soldiers and civilian employees what “right looks like.”

     Recently, this office has received an unusually large number of complaints regarding possible misuse of government-owned vehicles, and this article will attempt to educate readers concerning the use (or more accurately, the misuse) of GOVs.


    American Forces Press Service

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates told troops worldwide May 28 that any repeal of the so-called “don’t ask don’t tell” law will be delayed until the ongoing Defense Department high-level review is completed, and only after he, the president, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all can certify that the department is ready to make the change without hurting unit cohesion, military readiness, military effectiveness, and recruiting and retention.


    Chief, Behavioral Health Clinic

    Ireland Army Community Hospital

    May is a most wonderful month. The sun shines more and the weather warms, the birds are back, and on the first Saturday in May the most amazing horses in the world are saddled up for the running of the Kentucky Derby. May is the time when we shake off the winter doldrums, venture outside, and reconnect with nature and our neighbors, recapturing that joy in life, which is an essential component to good mental well being.


    Today’s Transfer of Authority ceremony marks a special and historic moment for Fort Knox, of which my wife Susan and I are honored to be a part. Fort Knox has officially transitioned from primarily a training installation (The Armor Center) to a multifunctional installation (The Human Resource Center of Excellence) with the Army Accessions Command as the senior command.


    Memorial Day is a time for all Americans to remember and honor the U.S. troops who sacrificed for our nation.

    For Soldiers, it should serve as a poignant moment to appreciate those who came before us and reflect upon our own service.

    For Armor and Cavalry Soldiers, specifically, this Memorial Day weekend should take on an additional meaning with the casing of the Armor Center colors on Fort Knox today.


    American Forces Press Service

    Defense officials have launched a large-scale survey in hopes of getting a better sense of how military Families are weathering nearly a decade of war.

    The Military Family Life Project, a longitudinal, department-wide survey, is designed to capture the long-term impact of deployment on Families and to improve the support provided to them, officials said.



    Spouse Appreciation Day is the most awkward holiday ever invented.

    The military means well. After all, the research says that spouses are the No. 1 determinant of retention, thanks. So why do I cringe every time some admiral or general falls all over himself trying to thank us?


    Fort Knox Commander

    This  is an extremely busy and historic month for Fort Knox.

    Today, we’re wrapping up the last Armor Warfighting Conference to be held here. On the 27th, we’ll have the post Transfer of Authority and the official opening and dedication of the Human Resource Center of Excellence.

  • We are nearing the time when many young people will celebrate accomplishments as they graduate from high school and move toward their life goals. Family and friends will gather for a festive occasion to commemorate the milestone.

    Traditionally, it’s also a time when alcohol frequently enters into the mix and brings tragic results for all involved. Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among American youth, and it kills 5,000 teens every year.

  • By LT. GEN.


    IMCOM Commander

    The Installation Management Community is committed to leveraging the power of information technology to expand our communication capabilities and enhance our ability to serve and support Soldiers, civilians, and Families.

    In today’s world, IT is at the core of all we do at work, at home, and at play. Smaller, more powerful, and less expensive IT products hit the market every day. Becoming savvy with state-of-the-art technology helps us work smarter, learn more efficiently, and play harder.

  • The American Red Cross “Run for the Red” Saturday was a huge success. More than 600 individuals participated in the event.

    We thank all of our sponsors and participants for making the event memorable.

    The winners were:

    Commander’s Cup Winner for the 5K: Marines.

    Commander’s Cup Winner for the 10K: MEDDAC.

    Jerry Fassett

    Administrative Assistant I

    American Red Cross –

    Fort Knox


    U.S. Army Medical Command

    In May the Army annually recognizes Mental Health Month to help communicate the importance of psychological health and promote behavioral health services available to beneficiaries.

    Efforts include increasing the number of health providers and support personnel, keeping key personnel with deployed units after their return to the U.S. to ensure continuity of care, and countering the stigma that seeking behavioral health care may damage a Soldier’s image or career.


    Fort Knox Commander

    I recommend that you make your way to the Radcliff Hooray for Heroes celebration Saturday in the parking lot between the Radcliff Walmart and Stithton Baptist Church. Our Soldiers and Families will receive a huge collective thank-you from our community neighbors for all that Family members sacrifice in defense of the nation.