en Staying employed may be good idea for boomers <p> News and Experts<br /> Boomers may want to recall one of the poets they grew up reading, Dylan Thomas, and his most famous poem, named for its first line, &ldquo;Do not go gentle into that good night,&rdquo; a desperate appeal to resist the trappings of old age.<br /> &ldquo;As they retire, baby boomers need to stay true to their reputation for grand statements, and to mobilize their skill set in the business world,&rdquo; said media expert Steve Kayser, author of &ldquo;The Greatest Words You&rsquo;ve Never Heard,&rdquo; (<br /> Domestic violence affects many victims <p> By YVONNE LEVARDI<br /> Vantage Point<br /> October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.<br /> That we need to dedicate a month to promoting awareness of this issue at all is tragic, but to ignore it is to look away from the thousands who are abused and need help.<br /> Early detection crucial for women and breast cancer <p> Tricare<br /> October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of early detection in treating breast cancer.<br /> The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report&nbsp; breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that about 1 in 8 women born in the U.S. today will get breast cancer at some point. It is important that all women, especially those with a higher risk of breast cancer, get screened and know when to start getting mammograms.<br /> New uniformed disability claims form introduced by the VA <p> U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs<br /> The Department of Veterans Affairs announced it&rsquo;s introducing a uniformed disability claims form to better serve veterans, Families and survivors.<br /> Standardizing the process by which veterans file claims and initiate appeals will make it easier for veterans and their survivors to clearly state what benefits they are seeking from VA and provide information necessary to process their claims and appeals.<br /> Thoughts on Asian-Pacific Heritage month, 100th Infantry Bn, 442 RCT <p class="Body_CopyTGS">Moments in Asian-Pacific American History: </p> LETTER TO THE EDITOR <p class="KnoxNotesTGS">Army Reserve has strong Kentucky ties</p> VA celebrates birthday, prepares for future <p class="Body_CopyTGS">On this day in 1930, President Herbert Hoover signed Executive Order 5398, elevating what was then the Veterans Bureau to a federal administration, and creating the Veterans Administration — with the purpose to “consolidate and coordinate Government activities affecting war veterans.” This, the second consolidation of federal veterans programs, included the National Homes and the Bureau of Pensions of the Interior Department. These three component agencies became bureaus within the Veterans Administration.</p> ‘Stupid’ questions people ask, military spouses field <p> By KRISTI<br /> Military OneSource&rsquo;s Blog Brigade<br /> I&rsquo;m pretty sure that one of my teachers told me that there is no such thing as a stupid question. But it turns out that stupid questions are alive and well.<br /> Any one of these questions or comments is cause enough for an eye roll followed by the classic, &ldquo;Don&rsquo;t get me started.&rdquo;<br />