Army Spouse Finds Career Path via Health Professions Scholarship Program

Julie fell in love with her western Kansas high school sweetheart and next door neighbor, Kevin Hundertmark. He was a year ahead of her in school and opted for community college after graduation. After a few semesters, though, Kevin decided to try something different. Courtesy of Lt. Col. Hundertmark \ Julie Hundertmark, with her husband, … Read more

Sports Pulse

Fort Knox Youth Sports will be hosting a preseason basketball camp from Monday-Nov. 3. Camp days/times are Monday, Wednesday through Friday from 6-8 p.m. at Sadowski Center. Cost will be $30. Participants will focus on defense, ball handling, rebounding and teamwork. All skill levels are welcome. Coaches wanted Fort Knox Youth Sports is looking for … Read more

Ireland Hospital Will Transition to Outpatient Clinic

Ireland Army Community Hospital is undergoing changes to how it treats beneficiaries due in part to Army Medicine’s realignment with force reduction expectations. IRACH, which was built in 1957 and is the oldest hospital in the Army inventory within the United States, will transition to an outpatient clinic. Col. Bob Cornes, the IRACH commander, said … Read more

Citibank Takes Over Government Travel Card Program Nov. 30

As the Government Travel Charge Card program transitions to the new SmartPay 2 contract awarded to Citibank, all government travel cardholders will receive new cards this summer. The current Bank of America GTCCs will expire Nov. 29 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The Citibank GTCCs will have a new card design and will be … Read more

Admin Leave May Be Granted for Preventive Health Screenings

Did you know federal employees may be granted up to four hours of excused absence (administrative leave) each year to obtain preventive health screenings. This law was signed by the president in January 2001 in an effort to assist federal workers in taking a proactive role in defeating serious disease while it’s in its earliest … Read more

Solving Fort Knox’s Energy Equation

The Fort Knox slogan declares to all that “strength starts here.” After this month, Fort Knox can claim the Army’s energy conservation starts here as well. After 20 years of implementing green conservation technologies across the post, Fort Knox prepares to officially declare energy independence this spring by “pulling the plug” during a public demonstration … Read more

Run Derek, Run

Former Fort Knox High School football player Derek Homer received a simple message from his mother during his playing days: if you get the ball, you better run. While Homer’s mom didn’t know much about football, her advice set the foundation for her son’s football career. Homer played for the Eagles from 92-96, leaving as the … Read more

Romeo Crennel Has Forgotten About Football

Romeo Crennel has forgotten more about football than most will ever learn. With enough Super Bowl rings for every finger on one hand, Crennel’s life has revolved around the game for over four decades. With stops in both college and professional, there isn’t much Crennel hasn’t experienced during his career. Starting out as a walk-on … Read more

Field Grade Officers Can Now Respond to Adverse Information

Revisions to Army Regulation 15-6 now give field grade officers the opportunity to respond to adverse information before it is centrally filed. Congress has mandated that adverse information found against a field grade officer being considered for promotion must be presented to the officer selection board. In order to ensure commanders execute this Congressional mandate, … Read more

Army Reserve IMA Program Provides Career Opportunity

While active Army and Army Reserve units face downsizing challenges due to ongoing budget limitations, more and more highly skilled and experienced Soldiers are discovering the opportunity to extend their career, and service, through the Individual Mobilization Augmentee Program. The IMA program is comprised of 73 active component Army agencies located worldwide. With enlisted positions … Read more