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By The Staff



One of the nation’s top female golf instructors and motivational speakers has a suggestion for any woman out there looking for a way to drive her career or love life out of the rough:

Bone up on a few golf basics and hit the links.

“Most women don’t realize how much the game of golf can benefit both their business relationships and romantic relationships,” said Ladies Professional Golf Association pro Mary Galvano, author of the book “Ladies Get a Grip: Playing Golf for Business and Pleasure the Feminine Way.”

Galvano said it’s a common practice for men to retreat to the golf course to  network and discuss business deals—a practice that usually leaves women back at the office and out of the loop.

“I wrote the book to teach women the basic strokes, terms, and game etiquette so they not only can have fun but also gradually break into ‘the boys club’ and begin cultivating the professional relationships needed to enhance their careers,” said Galvano.

She said not only are the greens and fairways great places for women to get to know and make good impressions on company executives and boardroom bosses, but an afternoon on the golf course can also provide a great opportunity to meet active single men.

“Women who know how to crush a golf ball always get noticed by the guys, so there’s plenty of potential for dating and romance,” said Galvano.

She added that the course hazards provide a great way for a woman to learn more about any man she’s interested in dating.

“Does he bash his club into the ground when his ball lands in the water?  Does he fib about his score?  On the golf course, you get to observe the man in a variety of situations and you discover what he’s really like,” said Galvano.

She’s seen many men and women meet on the course, begin romances, and marry.

“My own mother and father developed their romance on the golf course,” said Galvano.  “If it weren’t for golf’s ability to bring people closer, I wouldn’t be here.”