19th Engineers challenge North Hardin students

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Course enables AVID students to deal with life’s obstacles

19th Engineer Battalion
The 19th Engineer Battalion Master Resiliency Trainers, in conjunction with Fort Knox Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Trainers, challenged North Hardin High School Advancement Via Individual Determination students to overcome obstacles at Grabiarz Confidence Course May 2.
The event culminated an academic year of resiliency training, headed by 19th Engineer Battalion Staff Sgt. Jermaine Mercer, the head master resiliency trainer. The event provided an opportunity for students to physically overcome obstacles in the same manner they learned to overcome mental, emotional and social obstacles to become more resilient young adults through the course of the training
Mercer, the head master resiliency trainer for the 19th Engineer Battalion expressed the importance of the program, “The students of the AVID program have learned how to utilize the core competencies which contribute to resilience and will enable them to make better decisions and strengthen their coping mechanism while dealing with adverse situations. The fundamentals learned through the training are critical for these young adults to possess as they go out into the world to college, start careers and families.
“I enjoyed watching the students’ spirits sky rocket as they attempted obstacle after obstacle to culminate this excellent self-development opportunity.”
The partnership between the 19th Engineer Battalion and North Hardin  High School began during the 2011-2012 academic year. The program focuses on average students, typically with GPAs of 2.5 to 3.0, who wouldn’t qualify for special or gifted education programs. The program also involves students with circumstances which might prevent enrolling in college, such as being the first college student in the family, finance or coming from single-parent homes. AVID helps prepare students under such circumstances for college by teaching them organizational and study skills in addition to familiarizing them with the college application process.