Army offers ‘broadening’ programs

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Soldiers looking for challenges beyond their regular military training, in national security policy or strategic decision making, for instance, might consider applying for one of two newly available programs through the Army’s Broadening Opportunity Program.
The “Strategic Broadening Seminars” and the “Army Special Operations Forces Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Fellowship,” begin this summer, said Joel Strout, program manager for the Army’s Broadening Opportunity Program. The application deadline for both programs is April 4.
The Strategic Broadening Seminars program is an Army chief of staff initiative, and is specially designed to respond to the 2013 Army leader development strategy as a means to broaden future senior Army leaders, Strout said.
The program is open to active, Army National Guard and Army Reserve captains, majors, chief warrant officers 3 and 4, and sergeants first class through command sergeants major.
Participants will attend a series of seminars, each about three-to-five weeks long, “based on the study of mutually supportive yet diverse strategic focus areas within a small-group environment which culminates in a strategic action project,” he said.
Lectures will be given by “top-tier” university professors and other subject matter experts.
Strout pointed out a number of motivators for applying to the program.
“This opportunity will enhance a Soldier’s understanding of the complexities associated with strategic choices, the varied cultures of the interagency and federal government, and diverse approaches to strategic decision-making,” he said.
Soldiers wanting to enhance their appreciation for the development and impact of national security policy and strategy will want to apply, he said.
Topics will be broad in scope and are intended to support critical and creative thinking, he added.
Participants will be in a temporary duty and return/en route status with funds provided by Army G-3/5/7. More details and seminar locations are available within MILPER Message 14-045.
The Army Special Operations Forces Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Fellowship provides an educational experience in broad national security policy, strategy, interagency and management issues, Strout said.
The fellowship is open to active component majors and lieutenant colonels in the Special Forces, psychological operations and civil affairs career fields.
The goal of the program is to enable Soldiers to “participate effectively as senior leaders in the formulation and implementation of national security policy that enhances the communications between policy institutions across the Departments of Defense and State,” he said.
Soldiers interested in furthering their knowledge and expertise in national security policy, strategy, interagency and operational challenges will be especially interested, he added.
Participants will make a permanent change of station to the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Honolulu, reporting in August. The fellowship lasts 12 months. More details are available within MILPER Message 14-047.
Human Resources Command at Fort Knox manages the seminars and fellowship programs.