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Online survey asks community to make concerns, issues heard

Officials at the Army Substance Abuse Program are urging the Fort Knox community to go online and fill out a Community Strength and Themes Assessment.

The window for survey opened June 1 and asks members of the installation and neighboring communities to voice their concerns, needs and wants. The survey results will tell commanders what issues need to be addressed.

The survey is also useful in determining which preexisting programs are effective, which need to be retooled, and which need to be scrapped. When the survey window closes, the Community Health Promotion Council will preside over working groups that will comb over the issues expressed by participants. The council will then prioritize the issues, reviewing and assessing new ideas and old programs for commanders to address the issues that matter to the Fort Knox community.

To fill out the survey, go to https://usaphcapps.amedd.army.mil/Survey/.