Cadet Command wins intramural softball tournament

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Fort Knox hosted a three-game softball championship Friday at the Kilianski Sports Complex to determine bragging rights until next season.


From the loser’s bracket, 19th Engineer Battalion competed against Human Resources Command’s Cardinals to see who would face the flawless team that U.S. Army Cadet Command fielded in the tournament.

Though the engineers took an early lead, earning five
runs in the first inning and two more in the second, the Cardinals stayed in contention with two runs apiece per inning.

The Cards held 19th scoreless in the third inning, while scoring one for their cause, but one double play later, the Sappers began to lower the lid in the fourth, scoring eight runs to HRC’s three runs.

The 19th nailed it shut in the fifth with four more to bring their total run count to 19. HRC answered with a one-run death rattle and only nine total runs.

The engineers
next faced the unbeaten in tournament
play — Cadet Command but they did not have the answer. Every batter the engineers sent up in the first inning was sent right back down.

For their part, Cadet Command made good, scoring four times with four batters in the second inning, never looking back as they scored five in the second inning and nine more in the third. In the bottom of the third, 19th answered with six of their own but fell silent in the fourth as Cadet Command ended on top with 18 runs to the 19th Engineers’ eight.

“The engineers were last year’s defending champs and they whipped us pretty good earlier this season,” said Cadet Command coach/player Jamie Desroachers. “This was a great matchup and any team in the tournament could have won. We peaked in our last four or five games of the regular season and we rode that into the tournament. We played our best ball in the last 30 days and it happened at just the right time.”