Central Hardin High School robotics team wins world title

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Hardin County Schools
“Now people will know where Cecilia, Kentucky is on the map,” Central Hardin High School Technology Student Association Sponsor and Project Lead the Way teacher Jason Neagle said after the CHHS VEX robotics team left the VEX Robotics World Championships with several pieces of hardware. “This is a really big deal.”
Central Hardin Team B finished third in the world championships overall rankings and earned a world championship in the science division. Team B consists of Michael Riggs, Josh Newton, Jacob Harmon, Shawn Powell, Noah Vidal and Michael Fisher.
CHHS Team E finished as a runner-up in the world in the engineering division. They were one match from the final five that went to the finals in the VexDome. Team E is made up of Cody Bybee, Nolan Fogle, Chase Barnes, Daniel McMillan and Jacob Newton. Bybee created an alliance with a team from China in the division finals and utilized the assistance of his CHHS teammate, Xuan “Jack” Qu, to translate his English into Chinese and vise versa.
The other Bruin team that traveled to world competition was Team C that consists of Chris Nichols, Ethan Swink, Jack Qu, Liam Dawson, Ben West and Terrance Life.
All three of Central Hardin’s teams finished in the world’s top 20 in autonomous programming (Team C finished 5th, Team B finished 10th and Team E finished 15th) and top 30 in robot driver skills (Team B finished 9th, Team C 11th, and Team E 26th).
Team E’s Bybee won a best fesign in the world title for best robot design and implementation of design process and engineering journal and interviews. Jack Qu earned a world championship in the VEX Robotics essay contest.
“All of this comes from a team that just competed for the first time one year ago,” Neagle said. “I couldn’t be prouder of this wonderful group of students. They are passionate about their robots and their teammates. There is a true sense of team. They help each other get better. They scout out the competition and capitalize on mistakes made by other teams. These students are wise well beyond their years.”
“Our VEX Robotics team has taken the Central Hardin High School name across the world,” CHHS principal Tim Isaacs said. “The CHHS name is now respected on an international level because of the dedication and hard work these students have given to their team. It is really hard to express the appreciation we owe to them. I’m overflowing with pride.”
“These students are outstanding,” Hardin County schools superintendent Nannette Johnston said. “I cannot wait to see where these students go in life. Success knows no limit for these students. The opportunities afforded to them by their school and this district have paved the road for an extremely bright future. However, it was up to them to capitalize on those opportunities. They have more than done so. We are very, very happy for them. They have now seen the dividends of all their hard work. They have already set loftier goals next year when they join their colleagues from John Hardin High School and North Hardin High School at the Hardin County Schools Early College and Career Center.”
CHHS earned a trip to world competition at the Kentucky State Championship Robotics Competition in mid-February.
There were 431 high school teams from 31 countries at the VEX Robotics World Champion-ships. High school competitors were divided into five, 86 team divisions: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. All teams competed in 10 randomly computer generated qualifying matches playing with teams as alliance partners and competing against teams from many different countries. Students networked and strategized with teams from China, Guam, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and many teams from across the United States including Hawaii.