Changes to NCO retention policy effective June 1

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Accessions Command and
Fort Knox Command Sergeant Major
Effective June 1, there will be a change to the Retention Control Points policy. In many cases, certain ranks will not be able to remain in the Army until retirement eligible as in previous years. This new policy supports our efforts to develop leaders and retain Soldiers with the greatest potential while reinforcing the Army Leader Development Strategy  principles established in December  2009 to transform our Army to a 21st century force.
MILPER Message 11-096 depicts the following RCP in years for the following ranks:
Private - Private First Class 5
Corporal/Specialist 8
Corporal/Specialist (promotable) 12
Sergeant 13
Sergeant (promotable) 15
Staff Sergeant 20
Staff Sergeant (promotable) 26
Sergeant First Class 26
Sergeant First Class (promotable) 29
First Sergeant/Master Sergeant 29
First Sergeant/Master Sergeant (promotable) 32
Command Sergeant Major/Sergeant Major 32
While for some ranks the amount of years that they may serve has decreased, there is still more than ample time for every Soldier to prepare for continued promotion and service in our Army. Now more than ever, we must continue to “fireproof” our Soldiers and ourselves so that we are not caught unprepared and must subsequently exit the Army earlier than we had planned. Re-enlistment continues to be a privilege and not a right.
Leaders at all levels must ensure that we are retaining the “right Soldier” to keep our high quality Army going in the right direction. We must also ensure that we continue to counsel and mentor Soldiers who may not fit the future needs of the Army.
Every Soldier should be on a quest to continue to personally and professionally improve; ALDS affords us the opportunity to do so by showing us the characteristics desired in our Army’s leaders as they progress through their careers from initial entry to retirement. The process that ALDS outlines is deliberate, continuous, sequential, and progressive.
Consider ALDS a bridge which supports our leaders ensuring they are properly trained and given the necessary tools to be successful at the next rank. The noncommissioned officer development timeline will produce confident, competent leaders for the 21st century.
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Critical to the ALDS, is that effective FY12 selection boards, there will be no noncommissioned officer educational system waivers for Soldiers competing for consideration to sergeant first class and master sergeant. Completion of the Advanced Leaders Course will be mandatory for promotion consideration to sergeant first class and Senior Leaders Course completion will be mandatory for consideration to master sergeant. There is currently a backlog of more than 13,000 for ALC and 6,000 for SLC. This makes it critical that Soldiers attend the NCOES required for the next grade as soon as possible, and that leaders allow their subordinates to attend these courses, once scheduled.
While these new policies may seem strict, they are only reinforcing what we as Soldiers should have been doing all along; continuing to grow personally and professionally. The needs of our Army dictate that we continue to retain the very best. Make it a point to become the very best.
For more information about the new RCP or ALDS, please contact your Installation Career Counselors at (502)624-7221.