Child, Youth Services remembers Patriot Day

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Fort Knox Child and Youth Services kicked off its fall 2018 season Sept. 11 with an all-out sports extravaganza that showcased all the organization had to offer parents and their children in the way of sporting events.


“In many ways, the purpose of this is twofold,” said Rayceil Oggs, CYS coordinator. “First, it opens our fall [youth sports] season on the installation for football, soccer and cheerleading; and the other reason is, it’s Patriot Day. A day we always want to remember.”

Oggs said sports are meant to teach about life and that ending Patriot Day with a sports blast becomes a lesson in life.

“One of the things we are always teaching to our military young people is to be resilient,” she said. “You may get knocked down, but you don’t stay there; you get back up. This is what America is all about.”

The event served as an opportunity to showcase what CYS offers children, according to Oggs, who said it also showcased the child.

“We are demonstrating all our youth sports and fitness, and we are introducing more non-traditional sports to get involved with like martial arts and gymnastics,” she said. “We want to show parents the options they have with Youth Sports and Fitness. There are other options and these kids work just as hard.”

In everything CYS does, Oggs said the stage provides a launching pad to project children into life beyond sports.

“This not only showcases people’s options to get their kids involved into their [favorite sport], but it gets children into the spotlight. It prepares our kids to stand up and to be in front of a crowd, and gets them past being shy and to be part of something bigger than themselves,” Oggs said. “They perform in their arena. Their peers are able to see what they’re into, and the parents get the opportunity to cheer them on and be proud. This helps build their self-esteem.”

Major Gen. John Evans Jr., commander of U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox, said the sport’s blast was a fitting end to a day of reverence to those lost in 9/11.

“The terrorists’ anger and rage have failed. What I see around me today and on the field is teamwork, spirit, love and compassion,” Evans said. “Our kids are absolutely the finest part of our legacy.” n