COMMAND MESSAGE - Being prepared is everyone’s responsibility

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Commander, U.S. Army Installation Management Command and Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management


U.S. Army Installation Management Command

Natural and manmade tragedies follow no timetable. The 10th anniversary of hurricane Katrina, the remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001, and this summer’s shootings at Reserve and recruiting centers in Chattanooga, remind us of the need for preparedness. When we aren’t prepared, these events challenge our collective security and resilience.

As we left August and entered September, we marked the end of Army Antiterrorism Awareness Month and the beginning of National Preparedness Month.

Our entire Army shares the responsibility to be prepared. Preparing Soldiers, civilians and our Families for emergency situations ensures the strength of our resources and our ability to continue to safeguard our installations.

This year marks the 12th annual observance of National Prevention Month. The U.S. Army’s focus remains steadfast: educate, empower and involve the Army community in preparedness activities to enhance the resiliency of the Army and increase the nation’s readiness for all hazardous events.

Commanders at all levels must encourage heightened awareness and preparedness. They must refine and rehearse appropriate emergency action plans to prepare for, mitigate, prevent, respond to and recover from the effects of natural or man-made hazards and disasters.

Our Ready Army campaign outlines the four tenets of Army preparedness: Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved. Visit http://www.acsim.army.mil/readyarmy to find out more.

Installation preparedness staff can locate resources for local preparedness efforts at http://www.acsim.army.mil/readyarmy or http://www.ready.gov.

“Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today!”

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