Ed Center thanks Soldier

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Every once in a while life teaches us a lesson that we hadn’t anticipated. A very courageous and extremely nice young Soldier was helping out the Education Center for a few days while waiting on his medical board to be finalized. I was working on a 4 ft by 8 ft board for the annual holiday card contest that takes place around the Fort Knox Parade Field.

This Soldier was being very helpful with the structure but when I asked him to outline the decorations in black so they would stand out from the road he said, “Oh I can’t do that because my hands shake too much.”

I replied back to him that “they are just snowflakes, none are perfect and each is unique so you can squiggle, dot, outline in any way you need to.”

As I watched him go from snowflake to snowflake and his confidence grew and grew and he relaxed and smiled, I realized how much he needed that and then I realized how much I had needed that too.

None of us are perfect and we all have things to deal with but this young Soldier, who anyone would be proud to call son, taught me so much that day and I cannot thank him enough. So please take the time to drive around the parade field during the holidays and when you see the card from the Directorate of Human Resources take a moment to think of that courageous young man.

Sally Ann Ingle, Counselor
Fort Knox Education Center