Education and career fair coming to Saber & Quill Oct. 11

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By SFL-TAP Staff

The Fort Knox Soldier for Life -Transition Assistance Program has partnered with the Fort Knox Army Continuing Education System to host an education and career fair at Saber & Quill Wednesday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Co-sponsored by the Family Employment Management Program, Kentucky Career Center and Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, the event will provide college and job seekers access to more than 40 employers and 25 educational institutions recruiting for local, national and global opportunities. This joint venture is designed to provide transitioning Soldiers, veterans, Army civilians and Families with educational and employment opportunities. Attendees not in transition will have the opportunity to research industry, learn how to apply for certifications or higher education to meet those requirements, and build their IDP while still on active duty.

The education and career fair is a great opportunity for anyone looking to turn a page in their professional life. This fair will allow those interested in attending an opportunity to meet with educational institutions and employers from a variety of establishments at one convenient location.

Women for Hire’s Tory Johnson offers advice on how to take advantage of what the fair has to offer.

“Keep in mind that all is not lost if you don’t land a job. Career fairs also offer great practice in perfecting networking and interviewing skills,” said Johnson. “Talk to as many people as you can; never underestimate the value of face time with recruiters from leading companies.

“In addition, just as importantly, listen to them. Pay attention to the questions you’re being asked and to the kind of information they’re offering. It’s impossible to leave without taking something of value.”

Mentally preparing yourself that career fairs can be frustrating and that the climate may appear more like a networking activity will allow you to bypass all the noise and communicate effectively with a key organization. Also, be prepared to apply online for that desired job or college once you get home.

Peruse the following website
for an example of the modern job fair: https://www.thebalance.com/tips-for-getting-the-most-

The following are some things to consider during your planning phase:

Wear comfortable shoes: Expect to walk and wait.

Dress professionally: Remember, first impressions are lasting. Look sharp, well groomed, and go less is best with jewelry, make-up, and cologne/perfume.

Bring resumes: Having a supply of resumes on hand places you ahead of the competition. Carry a portfolio or a briefcase to hold resumes and corporate literature.

Prepare your 30-second commercial: Think about your strengths, your goals, the company, and how your skills will enhance the company. Be prepared to talk about how you can make a positive difference to a company, and how you are adaptable.

Network: While you are waiting in line, dressed for success, in comfortable shoes, talk to other career seekers around you. You may hear about opportunities of which you were unaware.

Be assertive and show initiative: Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach the table. Conduct web-based research about some of the companies you know are attending in which you’re interested.

Be enthusiastic: Employer surveys identify one of the most important personal attributes candidates can bring to a new position is enthusiasm. This means that employers want to see you smile! So, do smile and project interest in the company.

Remain calm: There may be many applicants approaching employers at the same time you are, but don’t be overwhelmed by it. Keep a positive attitude and concentrate on the benefits of the experience. This is your event.

Follow-up: Take the extra step to acquire the company representative’s business card so you can send a thank you letter or email. Surveys also identify representatives are more likely to remember you when you thank them for their time.

For more employment opportunities and information, call us at (502) 624-2627 or visit the Fort Knox Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Center in Building 1109C, Suite 126, 197th 6th Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 40121. You can also contact us by email at usarmy.knox.imcom.mbx.knox-sfl-tap@mail.mil. Check us out for updates at www.facebook.com/fortknox.sfltap.

For more educational opportunities and information, call (502) 624-2427 or visit the Army Continuing Education System on 31 Warehouse Street, Fort Knox, KY 40121.