Fort Knox Community Schools

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Scott Middle School announces second quarter honor roll students
Scott Middle announces second quarter honor roll:
7th Grade
All A’s: Caitlyn Albus, Mazariah Anderson, Timothy Arp, Elizabeth Butts, Lauren Cushing, Nicole Delmolino, Casey Doerer, Peyton Donahoe, Alex Howell, Addison Lewis, Adrian Marcial-Lopez, Matilyn McGee, Jacklyn Peterson, Natalie Rogers, Chloe Rowsey, Alexandra Shore, Jocelynn Stepanoff, Trinity Thomas, Tatum Turner, and Yeonsoo Yook.
All A’s and B’s: Robin Adkinson, Kristen Armitage, Jasmine Aue, Hailey Avallone, Kyrah Benning, Donovan Blas, Makyla Bond, Destiny Bryan, Zachary Crowther, Cologino Darnell, Madison Davis, Ethan Dawber, Oscar Diaz, Camryn Ellison, Nathan Erickson, Julian Evans, Garrett Ford, Domingo Garza Castaneda, Matthew Gonsalves, Kobie Henderson, Maurice Hester, Allison Hunter, Denise Jones, Evan Kolden, Andrea Layfield, Steven Lea, Diana Lopez Rojas, Savannah Martineau, Grace McCray, Hannah Miller, Zavier Nasset, Anthony Nimmo, Ricardo Olivares, Michael Omali, Devyn Pollard, Byance Powell, Catherine Rankin, Melody Redwine, Jasmyn Roberts, Taylor Savage, Tabetha Schultz, Jaida Scott, Danica Slater, Caleb Thomas, Micah Thompson, Lysette Vorapanich, Brandon Whitaker, Holly Wilson, and Charydin Woody.
8th Grade
All A’s: Jonathan Albus, Theron Davis, Emily Echols, Jayci Gomes, Josseling Gutierrez, Sydney Lamberth, Lacey Marshall, Cassandra McNeace, Lauren Shade, Caleb Smith, Hannah Stanton, Erica Tamaki, and Rico Tyson.
All A’s and B’s: Kaylynn Anderson, Adan Arevalo, Sheldon Bardolasa, Joel Borja, Piper Bozeman, Nathanael Brissette, Clarissa Cardoza, Rachata Chatasu, James Clark, Neishalys De Jesus-Yusef, Michael Dinges, Dylan Franklin, Logan Franklin, Ian Guastafierro, Alexander Guzman Cobena, Mykala Harvell, Shayla Kerr, Zachary Kramer, Emma Kubash, Joshua Lucas, Morghan McCool, Cynthia Moore, Emerson Moore, Candice Nathan, Matthew Ooms, Victoria Phelan, Tayler Rayburn, N’Keiya Roberson, Tyler Ryeczek, Allyson Saville, Claire Seifert, Bryan Sivelle, Jordan Slinker, Taylor Stephenson, Prince-Xavier Sullivan, Randall Thackrey, Aleah Tobey, DeAntre’Tomlin, Jesse Volkman, AuJour Washington, Zachary Weers, amd April Wilson.
Schools asbestos plans available
Fort Knox Community Schools
Parents and legal guardians of children attending Fort Knox Community Schools are receiving notification of the availability of each school’s Asbestos Management Plan.
Annual notification is a federal requirement, said Tim Adkisson, FKCS’ facilities operations specialist.
“Each school’s plan is available in the school for sponsors’ inspection,” Adkisson said.  “The plan includes the location, condition, accessibility and any response actions that have been taken on all asbestos contained in the school building.”
In addition, Adkisson keeps a master copy of the schools’ plans and all related asbestos correspondence for inspection in his office in Bldg. 7474A, Mississippi St.


Students earning Microsoft certification
At the beginning of the new school year, Department of Defense Education Activity began a course for students worldwide called Cengage.
This new tutorial system allows students at Fort Knox High School to earn their Microsoft Office Specialist Certification or their Adobe Certification Associate. William “Bill” Price teaches four MOS classes at the school including Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet and Excel. While Price teaches MOS classes, Kip Rambo instructs all ACA classes.  The ACA classes include Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Photoshop and Adobe.  
“These courses are good resume items to have when applying for jobs because they give the students a competitive edge since they already are trained in the course,” proclaimed Rambo.  
Fortunately for the high school students, the exam fee is free of charge the first time they take their exam, and students who are certified through MOS usually attain one hour of college credit.
“This is a great way for DoDEA youth to become more competitive in the job market,” stated Price.  
In order to better prepare DoDEA students, Cengage signed a four-year contract so that MOS and ACA courses could be taught worldwide. Each class takes a semester to complete, and students can work either from school or at home to complete the qualifications needed in order to be certified.
Through Cengage, all Fort Knox High School students will benefit from the course because they are required to take two computer classes in order to graduate.

AP students create ecosystems
In order to give her AP Environmental Science students a hands-on experience with a controlled environment, Ms. Nicole Reuss guided her class throughout the process of creating ecosystems to house both plants and fish.  After bringing in and cleaning two-liter bottles, the students began creating their aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.  In order to construct a comfortable environment, the class tested the water for appropriate pH, ammonia, temperature, carbon dioxide, and nitrates.  The new aquatic environments were fashioned using frill and money wart plants and completed with the addition of a beta fish. According to Reuss, fish were an easier alternative to frogs or lizards, which require too much maintenance for a class project.  When creating the terrestrial environments, Reuss supplied the students with soil, seeds, worms, and crickets.  Immediately after the production of this ecosystem, the class placed them next to the window to allow their plants a proper amount of sun light.  Upon completion of this project, Ms. Reuss hopes her students will gain a better understanding of the nitrogen cycle and the relation between carbon dioxide and oxygen along with an improved understanding of the human effect on the environment.