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Spanish Club celebrates Carnaval with food, dance
Fort Knox High School
On Feb. 12, Fort Knox High School’s Spanish Club, el club de Español, participated in Carnaval, the final celebration before Lent. Carnaval is typically held on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. During the celebration, students participated in a cake walk in which they danced to Latin-American Carnaval music and won cakes and prizes; they danced for beads and played Carnaval games. The meeting ended with the eating of two King cakes.
Traditionally, King cake is served on Jan. 6, Three Kings Day. Participants would eat an oval-shaped cake containing a plastic baby, representing baby Jesus. It is customary that those who find the baby in their slice of cake host the party the following year. For this event, two king cakes were eaten, one by girls and one by boys; the male and female who find the baby in their slice were crowned Carnaval king and queen.
Sponsor Martha Wiser-Partin is pleased with the success of the Spanish Club, stating “They’ve had tons of fun this year!” Previously, they have hosted a dominoes tournament, several game days, pupusa making, and made masks for the Carnaval celebration.
The club meets two to three times a month and will meet again mid-March after the club officers decide on a date. El Club de Español encourages new members to join in their next activity, making empanadas during the March meeting.


Mid-year meeting
being held

Fort Knox High School will hold annual mid-year parent meetings in February. Parents should mark their calendars for the following dates: Tuesday, for parents of 9th and 10th grade students, and Feb. 28, for parents of 11th and 12th grade students
The meetings will begin at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria and last about one hour.
There will be a short presentation about the high school program, including the IXL math program, school improve-ment projects, and student assessment. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns or compliments. Light refreshments will be served.

Fort Knox High School yearbooks are on sale. Yearbooks cost $55 each and can be paid for with cash, check, or credit card. Students can purchase a nameplate to personalize their yearbook for an additional $5. Students can reserve a book with a $20 deposit. Balances are due when the yearbooks arrive. If the yearbook is purchased with a check, the check should be made out to Fort Knox High School. Credit Cards can be used by calling (866) 287-3096 or emailing YearbookOrderCenter.com. Once yearbooks arrive, remaining yearbooks will be sold for $60. The price of the book will include a 16 page supplement that will feature spring sports, prom, and graduation. The supplement will be mailed to students over the summer.
Students should see a yearbook representative in order to purchase their yearbooks. The yearbook representatives are Kaitlyn Basnett, Jon Box, Ashlyn Koonce, Morgan Lloyd, Haven Noble, Kaynen Pellegrino, Briana Quichocho, Christina Rice, and Kayla Rowsey or Ms. Hibberd in room 115.
Schools asbestos
plans available

Fort Knox Community Schools
Parents and legal guardians of children attending Fort Knox Community Schools are receiving notification of the availability of each school’s Asbestos Management Plan.
Annual notification is a federal requirement, said Tim Adkisson, FKCS’ Facilities Operations Specialist.
“Each school’s plan is available in the school for sponsors’ inspection,” Adkisson said. “The plan includes the location, condition, accessibility and any response actions that have been taken on all asbestos contained in the school building.”
In addition, Adkisson keeps a master copy of the schools’ plans and all related asbestos correspondence for inspection in his office in Bldg. 7474A, Mississippi St.
Contact the Knox Board of Education via web mail
Fort Knox Community Schools
Parents and guardians of students attending Fort Knox Community Schools are invited to contact the Board of Education via its web-based email system.
The system aims to inform the board members and the superintendent of specific issues in a timely fashion.
The web link is www.am. dodea.edu/knox/fkcsco/Pages/BoardofEducation.htm.