Fort Knox Community Schools

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Tomlin receives Top 20 nod for MCOY
DeAnna Tomlin, a Macdonald Intermediate School student, was a Top 20 finalist for the Military Child of the Year Award, which recog-nizes outstand-ing military children who demonstrate resiliency, leadership and achievement in their communities. The award is given to an outstanding military child from each branch of service - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.
The award is presented by Operation Homefront. Spokesperson Deborah Hoselton said, “This year, we received nearly 1,100 nominations, and the quality of the nomination pool was extremely impressive. It is a great accomplishment to be selected as a finalist for this prestigious award.”
Tomlin’s nomination was supported by her principal, Dr. Youlanda Washington.
JROTC cadets
showcase talents
Fort Knox High School
On March 12, members of Fort Knox High School JROTC visited Scott Middle School in order to showcase the program to next year’s freshmen.
The Eagle Battalion visits the 8th graders every year so that the students are informed of the activities that take place at the high school. Chief Scott Akin discussed the extracurricular activities that JROTC offers to all members. These activities include the Color Guard, the Rifle Team, the Drill Team, the Academic Team and the Raiders’ Team. After each team was introduced, 8th-Grade students were asked to come down and compete against the Raider Team in a push up/sit up competition. Darren Tobey won the push up contest while an 8th-grade girl outperformed the female Raider representative. Each 8th grader who participated in the sit up/push up competition received an Eagle Battalion coin.
JROTC is a program for all students and helps individuals discover who they are and who they can become while in high school. The Color Guard is represented by the top performers at the high school. This year, the Color Guard includes the battalion commander, Troy Boxrucker; the battalion executive officer, Kaitlyn Basnett; and Company A Commander, Richard Thackrey. The Rifle Team allows individuals to excel as individuals. The Drill Team strives for team excellence through individual precision. Akin said that the Raider Team is the “blood, sweat and tears of JROTC” and allows individuals to learn team building. The Academic Team allows those with scholastic aptitude to excel. This year the Academic Team received 10th place out of 230 teams when they competed at the annual online competition called Academic Bowl and is hosted by College Options Foundation.
“The ultimate goal of JROTC is to create better citizens for our world,” said Akin. Through this program, students will develop skills such as self-reliance, leadership abilities, and develop knowledge of team building skills as well as basic military skills.
Knox schools
Fort Knox Community Schools
During April, the eight Fort Knox Community Schools will hold annual student re-registration for next school year.
Parents and legal guardians of students presently enrolled will receive re-registration information to review, sign and return to the child’s school.
The following is each school’s re-registration schedule, location and the phone number that student sponsors with questions may call:
Kingsolver Elementary School: Re-registration packets will be sent home the week of April 8 for Families to complete. The school is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily in Bldg. 1488, 427 3rd Ave.; phone 624-8650.
Mudge Elementary School: During the week of April 8, the school will send home re-registration packets and have re-registration dates open the week of April 15 with a closing date of April 19. Mudge is located in Bldg. 5373, 360 South Tulip St.; phone 624-8345.
Pierce Elementary School: The school will send re-registration packets home April 9 for parents to complete and students to return to school. Pierce is located in Bldg. 7502, 174 Maine St.; phone 624-7449.
Van Voorhis Elementary School: The school will send home re-registration packets and have re-registration the week of April 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily in Bldg. 5550, 120 Folger St.; phone 624-5854.
Macdonald Intermediate School: April 8-10 from 9 a.m. to
3 p.m. daily in Bldg. 7729, 128 McCracken St.; phone 624-5650.
Walker Intermediate School: The school will send home re-registration packets and have re-registration April 10-12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily in Bldg. 5549, 114 Conroy Ave.; phone 624-8348.
Scott Middle School: Incoming sixth graders and present seventh and eighth graders will receive re-registration materials to take home Monday through  March 29. Parents of present sixth graders should return the completed materials to either Macdonald school or Walker school by April 10. Parents of present seventh and eighth graders should return the completed materials to Scott school by April 10. Course selection information will be handled separately through the guidance counselors. Scott Middle School is in Bldg. 7474, 266 Mississippi St.; phone 624-6572.
Fort Knox High School: A re-registration packet for students returning to the high school next school year will be mailed home Monday through March 29. Parents should return the completed packet to the high school by April 10. This packet is for enrollment purposes only, not for scheduling of classes. The pre-registration of classes for incoming freshmen and returning high school students will be completed separately. Fort Knox High School is in Bldg. 7501, 266 Maine St.; phone 624-5332.
Ostland participating in academy program
Fort Knox High School
Fort Knox High School Junior Will Ostlund was chosen to participate in the United States Military Academy Summer Leader Exper-ience this summer. Ostlund was one of the 38 students nationwide chosen to participate in the prestigious program that allows upcoming seniors to assess whether or not the USMA is right for them.
This program, a step up from taking the West Point tour, will allow Ostlund to be a “cadet for a week.”
By taking specialized classes such as engineering and weaponry familiarization, he will be able to better consider West Point as a possible college choice.
Ostlund explained why he applied for the weeklong program, “Ever since the beginning of my sophomore year, I began to consider West Point as the path that I want to take.
“West Point is a different college experience than most. There is a greater disciplinary process, a more structured schedule and it has a premiere education. It’s also a plus that you already have a job as an officer in the Army (upon graduation) for five years, and your tuition, room, and board are all paid for.”
Ostlund should be a competitive candidate during the USMA application process next year. As a junior, he is the president of the Environmental Science Club, an S5 public affairs officer in JROTC, a member of the National Honor Society, a varsity goalie for Fort Knox High School’s boys’ soccer team and a varsity tennis player.
Attending Fort Knox High School as a military brat also shows West Point’s admission’s office that Ostland isn’t new to the military lifestyle.
Wherever he chooses to go, Ostlund plans on focusing on science and majoring in chemical engineering. From there he hopes to either “go medical or straight infantry.” Eventually Ostlund hopes to pursue a job in the (Central Intelligence Agency).
Ostlund explained that applying to a military academy might be the right choice for him, Ostlund replied, “The military is all I’ve ever known. I’ve always lived on military bases. I like that you can start over; I’m comfortable moving around—I enjoy having that mobility.”
Fort Knox High School yearbooks are on sale. Yearbooks cost $55 each and can be paid for with cash, check, or credit card. Students can purchase a nameplate to personalize their yearbook for an additional $5. Students can reserve a book with a $20 deposit. Balances are due when the yearbooks arrive. If the yearbook is purchased with a check, the check should be made out to Fort Knox High School. Credit Cards can be used by calling (866) 287-3096 or emailing YearbookOrderCenter.com. Once yearbooks arrive, remaining yearbooks will be sold for $60. The price of the book will include a 16 page supplement that will feature spring sports, prom, and graduation. The supplement will be mailed to students over the summer.
Students should see a yearbook representative in order to purchase their yearbooks. The yearbook representatives are Kaitlyn Basnett, Jon Box, Ashlyn Koonce, Morgan Lloyd, Haven Noble, Kaynen Pellegrino, Briana Quichocho, Christina Rice, and Kayla Rowsey or Ms. Hibberd in room 115.
Schools asbestos
plans available
Fort Knox Community Schools
Parents and legal guardians of children attending Fort Knox Community Schools are receiving notification of the availability of each school’s Asbestos Management Plan.
Annual notification is a federal requirement, said Tim Adkisson, FKCS’ Facilities Operations Specialist.
“Each school’s plan is available in the school for sponsors’ inspection,” Adkisson said. “The plan includes the location, condition, accessibility and any response actions that have been taken on all asbestos contained in the school building.”
In addition, Adkisson keeps a master copy of the schools’ plans and all related asbestos correspondence for inspection in his office in Bldg. 7474A, Mississippi St.