Fort Knox enjoys Thanksgiving at post dining facility

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Turkey, ham, pecan pie and other Thanksgiving favorites were piled on high Wednesday as hundreds of Fort Knox members took part in the annual post-wide Thanksgiving lunch.

Among the senior leaders at Fort Knox serving those who attended was Brig. Gen. Robert Bennett Jr., deputy commanding general of U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox.

“It is all about giving back to our Soldiers, civilians and their Families, and saying thank you for their service and support to Fort Knox and our surrounding communities,” he said.

Bennett said they had numerous volunteers from the community who gave their time during the meal to serve the troops.

Bennett has been stationed at Fort Knox for two years and said this was his first time to serve a Thanksgiving dinner on post.

Chaplain (Col.) David Vanderjagt, Fort Knox chaplain, delivered a blessing before the meal. He said what he enjoys most about the annual dinner is seeing the joy in people’s hearts and lives as they come together in fellowship.

“We should do it every day, but we don’t,” Vanderjagt said. “When we do … it brings everybody into more smiles. ... People are laughing and there is joy.”

Stationed at Fort Knox, Maj. Charles Bonner joined others in enjoying the festive dinner. He said the whole spread was put together well.

“All the Soldiers seem to really enjoy it,” Bonner said. “Especially for younger Soldiers who don’t have a lot of family here and are away for Thanksgiving, it’s just a great opportunity for them to get a good meal.”

Barbara Proffitt was one of the community members serving at the Cantigny Dining Facility.

“I think it is wonderful that we can do something for these people that work so hard,” Proffitt said. “This is one day that we can let them know how much we appreciate civilians and military as well.”

Bob Swope of the Gold Neighbors also helped serve food.

“I think it is certainly a privilege and an honor to be serving our folks in uniform,” he said. “It is just a very small way of saying thanks to the men and women in uniform for their service to our country.” n