Fort Knox hunting, fishing frequently asked questions

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Turret Sports Editor
Due to growing popularity and demand, the Natural Resources Branch Hunt Control Office at Fort Knox fields many queries from sportsmen wanting more information about how to better enjoy access to the installation’s hunting and fishing opportunities.
Wildlife Biologists David Jones and Jimmy Watkins with the Natural Resources Branch recently took the time to assess what the most commonly asked questions were about hunting and fishing on post.
1. Am I required to purchase state licenses and permits from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to legally hunt and fish at Fort Knox?
A: Yes. There are lots of folks who aren’t aware that you need a matching Kentucky state license and/or permit in addition to the appropriate Fort Knox permit
2. Are civilians allowed to hunt and fish on the installation?
A : Yes. Civilian hunters are encouraged to take advantage of all the resources Fort Knox has to offer hunting and fishing activities.
3. Are there any antler restrictions on bucks harvested on Fort Knox?
A :) Yes. All antlered deer must have a minimum outside antler spread of at least 12 inches. This excludes bucks harvested during the annual youth hunt.
4. What hunting opportunities are there at Knox?
A :) Fort Knox offers a wide variety of small game hunting in addition to the deer and turkey seasons.
5. How are areas on Fort Knox selected for hunting usage?
A:) Range Control determines what areas are released, while Hunt Control assigns the hunting activities.
6. What fishing opportunities are available at Fort Knox?
A:) In the managed lakes on the installation, there are healthy populations of largemouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill. Rainbow trout are also stocked in Otter Creek.
7. Do I need a trout stamp to keep rainbow trout caught on the installation?
A :) Yes. If fishermen on Fort Knox implement the catch-and-release approach, no trout permit is required. However, if fishermen decide to keep rainbow trout caught on the installation, a trout stamp is required.
8. Do whitetail deer and wild turkey harvested at Fort Knox count against my Kentucky state tag limit?
A:) No. Deer and turkey harvested on the installation are considered bonus animals and do not count against Kentucky state limits.
9. What weapons/firearms are allowed on the installation for deer hunting?
A:) Hunters are permitted to use a shotgun (slug only), muzzleloader or a bow. No center-fire or modern rifles or handguns are permitted for deer hunting on the installation.
10. How do I find out more information about hunting and fishing at Fort Knox?
A:) For more information about hunting and fishing at Fort Knox, call 502-624-7311 or visit http://www.knox.army.mil/fw. The Hunt Control office is located in Building 112 on the installation. Office hours vary by season but are generally 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week, closed Tuesdays.