Garrison command team signs leadership pledge

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On Sept. 20, Fort Knox Garrison Commander Col. Pat Kaune, Deputy to Garrison Commander Emmet Holley and Command Sgt. Maj. Garrick Griffin, signed a leadership pledge during the Garrison town hall at Waybur Theater.

The signing of the leadership pledge, which is part of the service culture initiative, signifies the Garrison’s promise to take care of its employees. U.S. Army Installation Management Command leaders, which encompasses the Fort Knox Garrison, are to provide team members the same concern, respect and caring attitude they expect them to share with their customers, Soldiers, Families, retirees and civilians.

During the town hall, Kaune pointed out that it’s easy to say Garrison is implementing the service culture initiative because it was a mandate by IMCOM.

“I’m doing it because I believe in it,” explained Kaune. “I’m doing it because every organization I’ve been a part of has done this and it’s the right way to take care of people. It’s the right way
to take care of each other.

“We are doing this because it’s simply the right way to do business. It does not cost us anything to be nice.
We should want to
take care of each
other, develop each other in schools,
professional development and getting opportunities
to lead and succeed within our everyday profession.”

Kaune added that subordinates should hold their leadership accountable because it’s a two-way street.

“If you are trying to decide what the task is or what goes in your performance standards, you have to have
that discussion as well,”
he said. “You (have) to take the initiative.
You (have) to decide what your why is for. I ask you to keep an open mind … I ask that you embrace this.
Make this part of our DNA.”

Kaune pointed out the Garrison supports readiness and training through quality stewardship of its facilities and the environment and by providing quality services through programs that meet the needs of Soldiers, Families and Department of the Army civilians.

The service culture initiative is also a pledge from leaders to ensure they are positioning their subordinates for success.

Kaune added that
he needs Garrison
organizations to adapt and improve with ideas and buy-in from everyone.

“I need you to be the best garrison for Fort Knox,” said Kaune.