Gate complete at Patton Museum, traffic light being installed for safety

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The construction and opening of a gate that will provide access from U.S. Route 31W (Dixie Highway) to Fort Knox’s Patton Museum is currently delayed to complete and install necessary safety and security countermeasures.

Mark Richerson, the Fort Knox Directorate of Public Works project manager, said these measures will benefit individuals on and off post. He pointed out that the safety aspect is being provided by U.S. Army Cadet Command, which is working with the Kentucky Highway Department to install a traffic light along U.S. Route 31W near the museum entrance. Doing so will address safety concerns.

“When you try to pull out right there is a blind spot because you cannot see over the concrete barrier (running between the northbound and southbound lanes of U.S. Route 31W),” explained Richerson. “There would be traffic accidents if we did not implement a light there.”

Charlie Wilson, the USACC deputy chief of staff, said the gate is being added so those visiting the museum have a more direct route to it. The
gate was closed to enhance
the post’s baseline security. Having that access also included a traffic light but that was removed. Having the gate reopen means having a traffic light reinstalled to prevent accidents because the speed limit in that area is 55 mph, Wilson said.

He pointed out that a guard force will be inside of the

Richerson said after the safety and security countermeasures are implemented the public will have access from U.S. Route 31W without having to go through one of the post’s primary entry gates to get to the Patton Museum.

“The gate will be opened and closed (to the museum) based on hours of operation,” Richerson said.

Richerson anticipates the gate being open and accessible mid to late fall. n