Knox’s Training Command Soldiers haul in trophies at All-Army contest

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84th Training Command PAO
Army Reserve Soldiers from the Fort Knox’s and 84th Training Command’s 91st and 78th Training Divisions took home several of the top team and individual trophies from the All-Amy Small Arms Championship held at Fort Benning, Ga. For the third year in a row, Master Sgt. Russell Moore, Detachment 1, Company A, 2nd Battalion (Small Arms Readiness), 91st Training Division, headquartered at Camp Bullis, Texas, won the overall individual championship.
“The All-Amy has gotten bigger each year, and increasingly harder each year,” said Master Sgt. Moore. “The caliber of Soldiers, the accuracy of the Soldiers, has been increasing with the All-Amy. The Soldiers are learning more and the competition is steadily getting better and better.” This was Moore’s third All-Amy competition.
Moore emphasized that the competition is the secondary reason for being there.
“As a small arms instructor and an OCT (Observer/Controller/Trainer) for the 91st Training Division, I think it adds a relevance and depth to what we are supposed to be teaching the average Soldier,” he added. “It enables us to be able to say with confidence, ‘I know the functionality of my weapon, I know what the capabilities of my weapon and myself are.’”
Hosted by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit based at Fort Benning, Soldiers from active duty, Reserve, National Guard and cadets competed in rifle, pistol, and combined arms matches.
Sgt. 1st Class Mark Ness was this year’s coach for Company D, 2nd Battalion (SAR), 91st Training Division, from Salt Lake City, Utah. 
“We are a small arms instruction unit. Teaching Soldiers how to shoot is what we do,” he said “In order for our instructors to really comprehend the information I put out to them to become good instructors, in order to grasp that, they have to do it.
“If it were up to me, I’d make it a requirement for all small arms instructors to attend this event,” Ness added.
The 84th Training Command, headquartered at Fort Knox, Ky., brought in more than their share of the awards.
In addition to the 2011 Overall Champion, Master Sgt. Moore was also the high shooter in the Individual Pistol category, Individual Combined Arms category, and in the Pistol Excellence in Competition match. He also led the team from Camp Bullis who finished in 1st Place as the US Army Pistol Team Champions, 1st Place as the Combined Arms Team Match Champions, 1st Place as the Combined Arms Overall Team Champions and 3rd Place as the Rifle Team Champions.
Except for Master Sgt. Moore, all of the Camp Bullis team were Novices, shooting their first All-Amy.
The 78th training Command had two teams from RTC-East; the Red team and the Black Team. The Black Team finished in 2nd Place in the Rifle Team Championship. The Black Team finished in the top 10 in the Pistol Team Championship and Combined Arms Overall Team Championship.
The 2011 All-Amy Small Arms Championship was a success for all involved. At the awards ceremony, Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Hardy, from the Maneuver Center of Excellence, was the guest speaker.
“The competition is designed to test the entire depth of a Soldiers shooting ability,” he said. “No matter where you ended up, participation in this event makes the Army that much stronger. For a competitive marksman, consistently applying the fundamentals and achieving success on the range translate to achieving success on anything that you do, whether on the battlefield or other walks of life.”
Sgt. 1st Class Ness emphasized the reason for this type of training. “The average Soldier in combat who hasn’t done this, doesn’t know how fast he can engage targets accurately. There’s a trade off; do I shoot as fast as I can because I want to kill them before they kill me, or do I fire as fast as I know I can accurately hit my target? Most Soldiers don’t know fast they can accurately engage targets. The Soldiers who have been here have a pretty good idea now.”