Knox ACoE 3rd place finish results in $250k award, improvements to post

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By The Staff


Fort Knox Garrison

Fort Knox was recognized with a bronze medal in the 2009 Army Communities of Excellence award competition, which resulted in a $250,000 award to fund community projects.

The Garrison Executive Quality Council strategic-ally chose projects based on customer input, ability to enhance safety and Soldier, Family, and civilian readi-ness and well-being, and improve the environment.

Are you one of the unfortunate people who have to sit in traffic on Park Road or Bullion Boulevard during the afternoon rush hour? Traffic on Bullion frequently backs up past the Child Development Center, and Park Road backs up to the Main Post Chapel. The problem on Bullion and Park was identified through the Army Family Action Plan conference process, and we have also heard your voice through many Interactive Customer Evaluation comments.

If you are situated near the end of one of those lines, it takes you a long time to pick up your child at the CDC, get across or off the installation and home to your family, and your vehicle’s emissions create pollution in the process.

The Garrison has a solution and is about to begin construction. A portion of the ACoE award was coupled with Garrison funding to expand Bullion by adding an additional outbound lane from the CDC to the gate. By doubling the amount of outbound traffic that can travel on Bullion, and adjusting the traffic signal at the Bullion/Park intersection to “favor” Park a little longer, evening traffic backups on both roads should be reduced significantly.

Left turn signals will be added in both directions on Bullion at the intersection with Chaffee, another issue surfaced through ICE.

Three other issues identified by the community as high priority have also been partially funded with the ACoE award.

* A six-foot-wide sidewalk and bike path will be constructed along Chaffee from Maple Ridge housing east to the vicinity of the CDC this summer. The sidewalk will connect housing areas on the west side of post to the center of post because there is an existing new sidewalk along Chaffee from Maple Ridge west to Van Voorhis. This will address a community request to be able to safely ride bicycles for longer stretches on post. 

 * ACoE award funding is being used to support a project to renovate the Auto Crafts Center, to better serve the increasing number of customers as the post population grows. The renovation should begin by this fall.

* ACoE funding will also purchase software that will reduce wait times for Common Access Card Identification, a great benefit to the entire Fort Knox community.

This summer we will conduct a survey asking our workforce about our Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer and Work force focus, and process and knowledge management capabilities.

Please participate in the survey if you are asked and show that we truly are a Community of Excellence thanks to everybody in the community providing services, suggesting ways to improve, and taking care of Soldiers, Families, and civilians every day.

Installations truly are the Army’s home, and there is no place like home.