Knox loses first season game to Central

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After several weeks of rainouts and snow-outs, the Fort Knox Eagles were finally able to come out and play this week.


The Eagles met the Central High Yellow Jackets on home turf during their first official game of the season, only to fall 9-0.

Coach Sam Wilson Jr. said the weather and spring break have been big factors working against them.

“They’ve been gone. They’ve been on spring break,” said Wilson. “I don’t have the option of my kids staying here on spring break like these other teams do, so they’re all rusty. We’ve got to get back into the swing of things.”

Wilson said he plans to work on everything with the young team during practices.

“We’re not making contact with the ball,” he said. “We’ve got to get back to the basics of baseball — hitting and catching.”

After two innings, the Eagles found themselves backed against a wall with zeroes on their board and three runs per inning on the Yellow Jackets’. Wilson pulled his starting pitcher and put in Tyler Follett, who almost immediately shut down the Yellow Jackets’ momentum and sent them to the dugout scoreless.

Follett yielded only one additional run by the time Wilson retired him at 75 pitches.

“Tyler Follett is a baseball player,” Wilson said. “This is his third year with me, so he knows baseball. He studies the game, he’s a student of the game; he’s a good baseball player. I’ve just got to surround him with some baseball players who are going to help him out.”

In the top of the ninth inning, the Eagles found some juice and ended the Yellow Jackets’
chances for additional runs with a picture perfect double play. They kept that momentum going into the bottom and, for the first time in the game, looked like they were going to get on the scoreboard. The Yellow Jackets managed to hold on and prevent a score by the end.

“This is a young team,” said Wilson. “I don’t have one senior out there. I got three back from last year — two are starters, so this is a young team, and I’m trying to get them to gel.

They’ll gel, it just takes time” he continued. “It’s hard on them, but they’re going to be alright.”