Last summer class graduates

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Knox called best ‘pick-up’ team


U.S. Army Cadet Command Intern

Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox ended Aug. 12 after the Leader’s Training Course Regiment 6 graduation ceremony.

This was the first summer that the entire CST program was conducted at Fort Knox with the arrival of Leader Development and Assessment Course from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. At the conclusion of CST, a total of 7,580 cadets graduated from their respective training programs—6,123 cadets were in LDAC, with the remaining 1,457 in LTC.

Col. Brian Mennes, deputy commander of U.S. Army Cadet Command, was the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony and reflected on his own experience at CST.

“I was standing in your shoes 28 years ago,” Mennes said. “I liked what I saw in the people around me. I knew I wanted to be involved in something bigger than myself.”

Mennes said CST at Fort Knox was a unique event and could not be completed without help from what many people at Fort Knox call the “America’s largest pick-up team.”

CST is conducted by Soldiers from many different units in the Army; a total of 5,717 men and women cadre members came together for this training event. The group includes men and women from U.S Army Cadet Command, U.S. Army Forces Command, U.S. Army Reserve, and U.S. Army Medical Command. Without the leadership power provided by these organizations, Mennes said CST could not be a successful event.

The first group of cadets arrived June 7. More than 2,000 Cadet Command cadre members have been here all summer and many have returned to their home ROTC detachments this week to begin a new school year.

Mennes addressed the success of not only LTC Regiment 6, but CST as a whole.

“This ceremony is a great example of why I have the best job in America,” Mennes said. “I don’t think there is a more honorable profession than protecting our inalienable rights. You cadets represent all of those who sacrificed before us and I know you will do us proud. It has been a humbling experience to be a part of the community in Fort Knox.”