Leading sedentary lifestyle has serious impact on one’s overall health

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Leading a sedentary lifestyle can have a serious impact on one’s health. In fact, too much sitting can increase an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association, which cites a study that showed that adults who watch more than four hours of television daily had a 46 percent increased risk of death and an 80 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, work environments are not always conducive to physical activity, with tight deadlines and long to-do lists often gluing people to their work stations for hours on end.

If an individual spends a majority
of the day at work, here are some great ways
to move more
during your free time.

Becoming active doesn’t necessarily mean individuals should limit themselves to elliptical machines and running laps. Find outlets for exercise that are exciting, such as hip-hop dance, yoga or even kickboxing. If an individual wants to add a bit of competition to the mix, long distance races or obstacle courses may be just the motivation they need. Such events can be a great excuse to travel, as they take place all over the world.

Many experts agree that leaning on friends and co-workers as exercise partners can help boost motivation. In fact, the exercise habits of people an individual knows have a positive influence on their own routine, according to a study published in “Psychology of Sport and Exercise.”

Luckily, there are new and fun ways an individual can get active as a group. For example, to help individuals and their co-workers get moving, Aflac, the official supplemental insurance provider for Tough Mudder, is taking team building to the next level by inviting co-workers to participate in these high-endurance obstacle course challenges as a team. “The Small Business Challenge” encourages employees to enter on behalf of their company by sharing how teamwork has helped them succeed. If the employees and their business win, they will receive complimentary tickets to participate in a Tough Mudder event and put their teamwork skills and athletic
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Long workdays are just a reality for many. So, find ways to get the blood flowing while working. Set an alarm as a reminder on the hour to move around or stretch. Consider a desk that converts to a standing position so an individual can be on their feet a portion of the day. Use the stairs.

There are many ways to squeeze in short bouts of exercise that allows individuals to continue being productive.

Do the heart and health a favor and get moving. With so many great new forms of exercise and athletic competition available today, spending time outside of work engaged in physical activity is easier than ever before. n