Mass transit increasing cost March 1

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Gold Standard Staff Writer
Starting March 1 prices for those
riders utilizing the mass transit system from the Transit Authority Central Kentucky will increase from $120 a month to $150.
Currently Fort Knox commuters receive $120 in subsidy to pay for TACK services.  
George Lafollete, deputy director of transport at TACK, said the increase is due to service costs for those essentials such as gas and wear and tear on vehicles.
“The vouchers have not increased in the last three years,” he said. “I can’t afford to absorb that cost anymore.”
Fort Knox area riders have been utilizing TACK services for about five years, LaFollette said.
Current riders will be issued a notice that they have to sign acknowledging they will pay the extra $30 start-ing in March.
Deputy Garrison Commander Emmet Holley said Congress has authorized an increase to the subsidy commuters receive from the Department of Transportation, but it will not be available to customers until May.