Men’s fashions face tough outlook for upcoming summer season

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By The Staff


Turret Editor

You’ve no doubt been overwhelmed recently by local news, photos, broadcasts, and advertising focused on the fashions inspired by spring’s warm weather and the accompany-ing Kentucky Derby festivities.

Yes, the annual parade of women’s and men’s fashions is upon us. It will do you no good to pull a Rhett Butler and say, frankly, that you don’t give a damn. The fashion moguls, media, advertisers, and department and specialty stores have determined that you will be made aware of the trends in clothing, and there’s little you can do about it short of renting a cabin in Siberia.

While I may glance at the ads to see what absurd items the designers are attempting to hang on the male carcass, I pay them little heed other than to gasp at the prices. Those price tags, I believe, are the true determining factor concerning what men purchase.

So, taking that factor into consideration, I happen to already know what the typical American male will be wearing this summer in the way of street clothes.

This summer, ladies, that man you adore will be sporting a dramatic leftover look. The breathtaking price tags in all the better shops demand it. Instead of having last year’s Smart “Going Places” air about them, your man’s clothes this season will feature the rugged, lived-in “Already Been” look.

And how will he wear those clothes?

First, let’s consider that all-important garment without which no junior executive or socially-conscious man-about-town would be seen at any gathering—the pants.

For this season, pants, I predict, will be worn thin in the seat. This exciting pattern, created by thread tugging against thread, will tend to give the man who leans over too far a look of devil-may-care reckless abandon.

The turned-down cuffs, the patched pockets, and the always fashionable dangling belt loop will combine to create the illusion that the pants have developed that comfy, lived-in look, as if they’ve been worn many times before...which they have.

The shiny reflections given off by the pants when exposed to light will greatly add to the illusion.

In all but the High Water style, the cuffs will be worn well below the calves.

The coat, which is always nice to have, will be narrower in the shoulders, depending upon which one has lost its padding.

 Shirts will feature the frayed look on collars and cuffs. Collars will be worn snugly around necks, with the jugular vein either tucked in or left to dangle on the outside. This will give your man the ruddy glow of the outdoorsman...one choking to death.

Shoes—always a must with successful individuals—haven’t been in the fashion news much lately, but I believe they will still be worn by members of the smart set, accented of course by run-down heels and scuffed toes.

The latest on socks is that they’re to be worn in matching colors whenever possible, and as long as three consecutive days at a time. I’ve waited until the last paragraphs to tell you ladies about the truly sensational ensemble you may be seeing your man wearing when the fall fashion season rolls around. It’s the perfect answer to those crisp, windy days of autumn—a summer suit with long underwear!

Just a hint of the underwear showing around the ankles gives the wearer that dashing, impoverished retro look so popular during the 1930s.