NRS Course Offerings

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Wilderness Safety and Survival - Levels 1-3: How to spend more time outside and to do so safely. All the basics are here, including wilderness first aid, signaling, shelter, water, food and adding in the human dynamic. Participants will be placed in scenario-based training situations as much as possible and under safe amounts of stress. Meaning they will be out their comfort zones so they can work through problems under pressure. In levels two or three, less gear will be allowed and differing and harder scenarios are added.

Bushcraft: Bushcraft is a great way to use some modern tools and what you source from the environment to become more self-reliant. Subjects include identifying trees for various and best use, making hammers, bucksaws, chairs, building fires and cooking over fire.

Land Navigation: Map and compass skills without reliance on GPS. Instructors set up courses to navigate in a wilderness area. Student start with partners, then go solo and finally at night.

Scout/Tracker: A camouflaging and tracking class where participants learn to greatly heighten their situational awareness in a wilderness environment including how to scan an area properly as well as how to hide in it. Students also learn how to recognize tracks and to read them and decipher needed information. Specific modules for military units and law enforcement agencies that deal directly with apprehension (or similar) of those being pursued are also available.

Field Combatives: Participants will learn grappling and combatives skills in a field environment. This will include wearing packs, chest rigs, rifles and other tactical equipment. As an added bonus, field survival is included to round out traditional wilderness scout skills. Tomahawk and knife throwing instruction is also provided for fun.

*Private classes are available upon request