NWS conducting annual tornado drills

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NOAA radios vital during severe weather

Installation Protection Branch
At approximately 10:07 a.m. EST, March 5, the National Weather Service, partnering with Kentucky Emergency Management, Kentucky Weather Preparedness Committee and Kentucky Broadcasters Association will issue a tornado warning test message. Outdoor warning sirens will sound across Kentucky communities, weather alert radios will activate and TV and radio stations will broadcast the alert—allowing the public the opportunity to practice tornado safety drill. The broadcast test message will emphasize this is only a test of the alert system, as schools across the commonwealth use this time to conduct their annual statewide tornado drill. During the test alert, all Kentuckians, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes and government agencies are encouraged to practice their tornado safety drill and update their emergency plan.
As the installation does every year we will participate in this statewide drill March 5. Fort Knox Fire Department, law enforcement and the Installation Protection Branch are just one part of the emergency management team that works to prepare and respond to disaster. Key members of the team are the Soldiers, Families and civilian workforce along with their Families. That’s why we are encouraging everyone to do their part and prepare now by practicing your tornado safety drill and updating your emergency plan so that you know what to do when severe weather strikes.
The Fort Knox Emergency Management Team encourages you to make NOAA radios a part of your warning system. A NOAA weather radio, or NWR, is more than just a radio. It’s a life-saver, broadcasting continuous weather information directly from the nearest NOAA National Weather Service office across a nationwide network of radio stations. The Fort Knox community is in an area that experiences tornadoes and other severe weather; you should strongly consider buying a weather radio. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Your local Weather Forecast Office can provide assistance programming your radio. NOAA Weather Radios also can be made accessible to people who are hearing impaired. In some situations, it can be connected to an existing alerting system in a deaf or hard-of-hearing person’s home. For example, if a deaf person has a flashing light alert system connected to a doorbell or other sensor, the radio may also have the capability to be connected to that system. The same may be true with pillows that vibrate or beds that shake. Some come with an LCD display, warning lights, or simple texts that make alerts visible to deaf or hard-of-hearing people.
Our wireless cell phone industry (major carriers) is already providing free emergency alerts to mobile devices on newer phones. Wireless Emergency Alerts messages are text-like alerts that will better equip the public with emergency information including NWS watches and warnings.
We encourage all Fort Knox residents to get a kit, make a plan and be informed. Visit www.acsim.army.mil/readyarmy/ for more information.