Open letter to the people of Radcliff/Fort Knox area

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On behalf of the 541st Engineer Company, 19th Engineer Battalion I’d like to thank the anonymous lady who stood patiently behind me in the Wal-Mart check-out line and generously bought the entire company multiple turkeys and hams for our Thanksgiving dinner.

I’ve never been the recipient of such grace and generosity from a complete stranger, but her selfless act rendered me speechless.

I was simply standing in line buying five turkeys and four hams for our company Thanksgiving dinner while in uniform at Wal-Mart on a Friday morning.

As I went to pay with company funds, the cashier’s check was rejected. Before I had the opportunity to pull-out a credit card the kind lady standing behind me in the long line told me she wanted to pay for it…it was the least she said could do to thank us for our service.

I did not know what to say because I was moved beyond belief. It means the world to have such won-derful people supporting the military and has motivated generations of men and women to sacrifice so much.

This was a perfect reminder that we should all be thankful for those who have paid the ultimate price so we can enjoy our daily freedoms and to also thank those that greatly support our service members.

Sincere gratitude,

1st Lt. Marcie Nordt and the

541st Engineer Company