Reader’s review of China Bistro

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Lee’s China Bistro on Fort Knox opened July 16, after a small hiccup during the previous week. I had an opportunity to eat there during the lunch buffet July 18. Before I go any further, let me tell you a bit about me. Three things matter to me most in my life, my faith, my family and food. As there is not enough room in this piece for the first two, I will focus on the latter. I am very passionate about my food. Everything, from the time I enter an establishment to my departure, shapes my opinion about a specific place. I also, never offer criticism without providing some possible solutions.
Now, the good stuff. My first impression upon entering was a bit of confusion as to what line I was in once I entered, pay line or waiting on a table. Suggestion: clearly mark a pay line from wait line with a simple pole/rope system. People naturally move to a particular area if it’s clearly noticeable. Move the table settings and table diagram to the dining room entry way with a small podium. The hostess had to spend wasted time walking back and forth preparing to seat customers. Wait staff were prompt, friendly and quick. Suggestion: Keep up the good work.
Buffet: Major slowdown. I have been told that a double- sided buffet table is in the works. Suggestion: The sooner the better.
Food: First thought was, that it all had the same basic color. Visually, nothing really popped out as “look at me and eat.” If my wife, bless her heart, ever allowed me to paint the house, it would all be the same color just for the sake of functionality, but she would quickly lose it, having
to see the kitchen the same color as the bathroom. Suggestion: That old standby “red meat on stick strategically placed somewhere on the buffet would mix things up a bit. I had the lo mien, pepper steak, General Tso’s chicken, fried rice, egg drop soup and sweet sour chicken with sweet sour sauce. Suggestion: Nothing beats the blood-red sweet sour sauce. General’s chicken was not too spicy. The lo mien was lacking in flavor and egg roll and soup were on par many of the off-post establishments.
I do plan to go back in the evening and try some of the chef’s specialties.
Bottom line, CB is new, still working out the kinks and deserves another chance even if your first visit was not all that you hoped. Asian food located on Fort Knox, yahoo! If you have not been to CB, please stop by and keep an open mind.
Thanks for “listening.”
Dann Reynolds,
Rineyville, Ky.