Reader loves dialogue

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This Veterans Day I take the risk of moralizing, in a national tapestry saturated with post-election emotions.  I wish to express a reflection counter to the partisan fervor that often engulfs us.  I fought, continue to serve, and bear some of my own emotional scars because I love this nation. I love it for the fact that we can have an impassioned, and at times angry, dialogue without tearing our social fabric apart.
I saw first-hand what a destroyed consensus becomes, in an Iraq that was held together by fear and violence.  Americans may claim indignation and outrage against the partisan divide.  The cruel realities of division are found in societies with no capacity for dialogue, only applied violence.
Imagine your family transplanted to Kirkuk or Baghdad where discourse may arise in a car bomb; your family would live under a far more harsh and sorrowful reality.
With empathy for humans living in the midst of all forms of cruelty, I am thankful for our country.  I am thankful- and often tearful- for the great sacrifice spanning generations to my brethren serving today.
This country is always worth the sacrifice.

Maj. Jamie Garcia
U.S. Army HRC