A salute to post’s public servants

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By The Staff


Fort Knox Commander

Sunday begins the 23rd annual Public Service Recognition Week, and I want to be among the first to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the federal, state, county, and local employees servicing Fort Knox and the surrounding communities.  

When I reflect on what we accomplished as a Soldier, I realize how many public servants I’ve relied on to get my job done. Included in the public servants I need are our outstanding Army civilians, commissary workers, DoDDs teachers, postal workers, police, fire and emergency workers, 911 operators, driver licensing clerks, judges, mayors, and all of our elected officials. 

I recognize each public servant of Fort Knox for the service you provide because that service has made Fort Knox what it is today.  Without your support and conviction, this installation and its (public servant) Soldiers would not be able to meet and exceed our mission goals. 

Fort Knox civilian public servants display a wisdom, dedication, passion, and work ethic above reproach.   Your knowledge of Fort Knox and the history of Armor provide incoming leaders with the expertise they need to plan for the future of Armor in the Army.

 Your understanding of the Army and its expectations and limitations make you our most valuable tool in preparing Soldiers for whatever their next mission may be. 

Each of you play a different yet vital role in what Fort Knox stands for, and you

should be proud of the

hat you wear.  Although

it is not a beret, you

are no less a part of the same Army I serve.

Soldiers of Fort Knox, I expect you to thank the civilian public servants who assist you day in and day out.  Whether you are in the dining facility or the hospital, I guarantee there is a public servant working to help you.   Take a moment and thank him or her for all you appreciate.

Again, my most sincere gratitude to every public servant of Fort Knox. You are appreciated. 

I close with the Army Civilian Corps Creed:

I am an Army Civilian—a member of the Army Team. I am dedicated to our Army, our Soldiers and Civilians. I will always support the mission. I provide stability and continuity during war and peace. I support and defend the Constitution of the United States and consider it an honor to serve our Nation and our Army.

I live the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. I am an Army Civilian

Forge the Thunderbolt!

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