Seven teams battle for top spots in intramural basketball

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Basketball season is lighting up Natcher Physical Fitness Center these days with seven teams competing for top honors in regular season league play.


Sitting near the top of the league already is a newcomer to Fort Knox B-ball: 1st TSC. On Dec. 7, they defeated 502nd, who finished third in last year’s tournament. 1st TSC recently won the championship in intramural football.

“With them just getting here, they’ve already made a name for themselves,” said Adrian Bogle, intramural athletics director. “And they’re very family oriented. They have a lot of family members that come out for the games.”

Bogle warns against assuming 1st TSC will run away with anything this season. While their game is outstanding, they’re not alone.

“I don’t think there are any dominant teams in the league right now,” said Bogle. “The way everybody is playing, any of our teams could beat teams at area junior colleges.”

Another team to watch is RRS USAREC, who won the championship against 76th ENG last year.

The regular season will halt for Christmas break after tonight and resume Jan. 4, 2018, until Feb. 8. The championship game is expected to kick off Feb. 15.

Bogle said it will be thrilling getting there. “I’m excited to see who’s going to make the playoff slots.”