Small military police detachment wins big award

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The 50-plus Soldiers of Fort Knox’s 34th Military Police Detach-ment, along with 905th Military Working Dog Detachment, recently received big news from U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command.

They beat out all other TRADOC military police units at company level and below to win this year’s Brig. Gen. David. H. Stem award during the 2017 TRADOC Military Police Competition.

“I’m super proud of our Soldiers. I couldn’t ask for anything more from them.” said Capt. Wesley Moosman,” detachment commander.

The honor is given to a unit that scores the highest evaluation points based upon several criteria, to include awards and decorations, Army physical fitness test scores, weapons qualifications, inspection ratings, volunteer efforts and more.

Moosman and his detachment sergeant, Sgt. 1st Class Carl Stanley, said their Soldiers are more than deserving of the

“We have a lot of talent in the detachment, a lot of really good people with skill sets and strengths that we leverage,” Moosman said. “The dedication and the work they do, getting out there and getting after the volunteer work, it’s not just, ‘Come to work and then leave.’ It’s a team mentality.”

The list of the unit’s accomplishments has been lengthy. One of the Soldiers earned distinguished honor graduate at Basic Leaders Course. Another Soldier won the Fort Knox and TRADOC Soldier of the Year. The unit has taken Soldier and noncommissioned officer of the quarter awards three out of the four quarters in the year. They receive excellent ratings in virtually every inspection, from supply to arms to safety to substance abuse. The 905th aced their 137-point Annual Kennel Inspection Assessment evaluations last January with 100-percent excellence. The list goes on and on—

“The wall of Garrison pretty much has our pictures all over it,” said Moosman.

Stanley gives all the credit for the win to the Soldiers.

“I wish we could take credit, but it doesn’t belong to us,” Stanley said. “It belongs to the Soldiers. It’s all a fair reflection of their work.”

Stanley said a big part of their success has been a realization that they are part of a bigger picture.

“All of our Soldiers understand the importance of the relationship with the community, and our Soldiers will do anything they can to assist the community,” Stanley said.

Sgt. Maj. Robert Duncan, sergeant major of the Directorate of Emergency Services, said he and DES commander, Lt. Col. Edgar Otalora, were filled with pride when the announcement came that 34th had won at TRADOC, but not surprised.

“It absolutely is not a surprise,” Duncan said. “Knowing the professional abilities that Capt. Moos-man and Sergeant Stanley and all their Soldiers have and bring to the population every day, this is not a surprise. They’re a great organization and honestly, I’d be surprised if they hadn’t won.”

The award puts them in the running for the Department of Army-level J.P. Holland award for best military police unit, company-level or below.

Duncan said the unit will be in a unique position at the Holland competition as the only MP detachment to compete against the much bigger MP combat support companies: “I won’t bet against them.”

Duncan highlighted an event that happened last week as an example of the caliber of Soldiers found within the ranks of 34th and 509th.

Fort Knox officials announced that two MP Soldiers earned Soldier and NCO of the Year at the installation-level, again.

“It’s everything they’re doing day-in and day-out that’s making the difference,” said Stanley. “That’s why the detachment won the award at the end
of the day.”