Soldiers save woman’s life

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By The Staff

On May 8 Sigrid Duffy was shopping for a baby shower gift at the main PX when her heart went berserk. As a result, she stopped breathing, passed out, and fell, breaking her nose, smashing her lip and bruising her jaw.

Two heroes (one a staff sergeant, the other an EMT certified) brought my wife back to life and attended to her until EMS arrived. She was transported to the emergency room at Ireland Hospital.

Those humble Soldiers would not leave their names, saying that

they were just happy to help.

Guys, you saved the life of my wife of 36-years. I can never thank you enough, but I am thankful that you were there and that you cared enough to help a stranger.

Subsequently she was admitted to Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Cardiac Critical Unit in very grave condition. During the next days it was touch and go, with her heart stopping four times.

You gave us a second chance and I say thank you and thank God for you.

I also thank AAFES, EMS, and the ER staffs for the great service, and all of you who had her in your prayers.

Jim Duffy