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U.S. Army Resources Command Public Affairs Office
Three employees from the U.S. Army Human Resources Command were recently named HRC’s Civilian of the Quarter for the second quarter of fiscal year 2012. They were each awarded the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for their contributions to HRC.
Two civilians, Nelson Delgado-Martinez and Sonya Kessler, were honored in the category of GS-13 and below. Walter Herd was honored in the category of GS-14 and above.
Delgado-Martinez works for the Joint Personal Effects Depot at Dover Air Force Base, Del., under HRC’s Adjutant General Directorate’s Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center at Fort Knox. His leadership was critical as the JPED transitioned from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., to a new state-of-the-art facility located on Dover AFB. He personally monitored, supervised and transferred 185 cases of personal effects during the critical transition without any incidents or loss of PE. Upon arriving at Dover AFB, Delgado-Martinez’s guidance directly improved operational readiness through his effective training program. His coordination with contractor supervisors and employees was essential in training and integrating 50 new employees at the JPED.
As project manager, Kessler of the HRC’s Personnel Information Systems Directorate Project Management Division led a large team to successfully complete the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process effort for PERSINSD. Through her determination and leadership/management abilities during the project, HRC was awarded an authority to operate status for the HRC mainframe and thin-client Secret Internet Protocol Router Network while the data center received an interim authority to operate. These achievements are major milestones for PERSINSD and HRC as a whole as this was a first for this command since being relocated to Fort Knox from three discrete locations.
As the director of the Army Transition Office under The Adjutant General Directorate’s Soldier Programs and Services Division, Herd helped develop the improved Army Transition Assistance Program to better prepare Soldiers for their eventual transition back into the civilian sector. Herd initiated the Army Career and Alumni Program’s ACAP XXI, a virtual web-based program through a secure portal, which went live in September 2011, along with the activation of the ACAP call center. These initiatives now allow worldwide 24/7 assistance-enabling users to register for ACAP, complete a preseparation briefing, schedule events, use resume writing programs, and participate in practice interview modules. Soldiers in Afghanistan have already begun seeking guidance from the call center and logging on to ACAP XXI to start the ACAP process rather than waiting until returning home.