USARC team visits cadre on Knox for cadet training

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Task Force Wolf

U.S. Army Reserve Brig. Gen. Ferdinand Irizarry and Sgt. Maj. Blaine Huston, operations and plans, U.S. Army Reserve Command, visited Task Force Wolf Soldiers who are supporting Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox. The USARC plans and operations team visited multiple training sites and discussed the importance of training and readiness July 28.

Irizarry and Huston observed training and interacted with Soldiers and cadets at the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear training lane, as well as the bath and laundry site.

The U.S. Army Reserve provides approximately 2,000 Soldiers as cadre or support elements throughout the summer for CST. This is the first year Leader Development and Assessment Course, previously held at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and Leader’s Training Course, are being held together. The two courses, which make up CST, are now co-located at Fort Knox and make up the largest Army training exercise.

The pair visited to ensure the Reserve Soldiers were equipped with all necessary equipment and personnel to successfully support the mission. They also wanted to interface with Soldiers to see what improvements they can make.

“We try to talk to Soldiers at all levels. We want to feel the pulse of the force. This helps us as leadership so that we can take it back and make it better,” said Irizarry.

Since this mission is new and still growing, the captured lessons learned will allow better development.

“The takeaways from a visit like this are extremely important, especially for the future years. We (USARC operations and plans) are the ones that develop the plans and ensure that necessary support is there, so this trip will help make this a better mission for the Soldiers next year,” said Huston. “Getting out and talking to our Soldiers is the best part of our job.”