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  • Access issues raised

    Consideration of Fort Knox’s traffic problem has been addressed in the past and some corrective measures have been proposed but none followed through. It has generally been Fort Knox’s view that as long as Soldiers and employees can exit the post their responsibility is done.
    The fact of the matter is Fort Knox, is one of the few, and possibly the only major military installation that dumps all its traffic on to one highway, and not an interstate at that.

  • Coping with grief can strengthen, heal survivors

    News and Experts
    Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a parent is experiencing the loss of a child. However, as one mother shares, it’s possible to turn one’s devastation into spiritual enlightenment and to weave the tragedy into the fabric of your life and your family.
    “I don’t think any parent ever gets over the loss of a child,” says Caroline Flohr, whose memoir “Heaven’s Child,” (www.heavenschild.com), recounts the transformative death of her 16-year-old twin daughter, Sarah.

  • Reader loves dialogue

    This Veterans Day I take the risk of moralizing, in a national tapestry saturated with post-election emotions.  I wish to express a reflection counter to the partisan fervor that often engulfs us.  I fought, continue to serve, and bear some of my own emotional scars because I love this nation. I love it for the fact that we can have an impassioned, and at times angry, dialogue without tearing our social fabric apart.

  • Reader’s review of China Bistro

  • Memorialization doesn’t preclude usage - Response to Letter

    I appreciate Ms. Stokes’ sentiment. I, too, agree with the importance of remembering and paying respect to all those who have places on Fort Knox named in their honor. After all, it is because of their distinguished service and sacrifices for which they were bestowed this long-lasting tribute. Also important is that the activities carried out at these sites be in keeping with common decency and Army Values.

  • Reader unhappy about carnival site

    Fort Knox’s main parade field was originally dedicated Dec. 24, 1941 as a memoriam to Pvt. Robert H. Brooks.
    In May of this year, Maj. Gen. (Jeff) Smith, commanding general of Cadet Command and Fort Knox, rededicated Brooks Field and gave a moving reminder of the cost our service members are willing to pay for freedom. Pvt. Brooks, an African- American and native Kentuckian became the first battle casualty of the armored force in World War II. It is a place intended to honor the memory of Pvt. Brooks and others who have sacrificed for America.

  • AFR successful

  • Reader shares favorite hero

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of my favorite generals.
    This week, our nation took the time to honor and reflect on the life, the works, and accomplishments of a great leader, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Many times when Americans speak of heroes, we often think of military generals. When I think of heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr. is among them but I also parallel him with our military generals who are considered heroes.
    Like a general, King provided selfless service to our nation at a critical time.

  • Thank you volunteers

    To our volunteer superstars:
    Thank you so much for your willingness to support the 2011 Make a Difference Day projects and the Fort Knox Job Fair. We truly appreciate your loyal service, true commitment, and ongoing dedication to Fort Knox and the local communities. You are definitely shining stars that always represent in the Spirit of Excellence, making you a valuable part of the Fort Knox volunteer team.
    Always remember—one person can make a difference—and every person must try. Thank you for collectively “Making a Difference.”

  • Prior service restrictions should be lifted

    I am a former Soldier, honorably discharged in 2005. I served with the 3rd Infantry Division in support of Operation Desert Spring and, subsequently, during the first phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
    I eventually PCSed to South Korea, and from there, served another combat tour in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, before reaching the end of my terms of service.
    Since then, I have earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida.