I get the same feeling every time I hear about someone moving in with Mom to save money.

    I get the same feeling every time some Wall Street exec walks away with a huge bonus while his company gets a government bailout.

    I get the same feeling reading about how credit card delinquencies are hitting record highs.

    I get the feeling that I want to spend money.


    Fort Knox Veterans

    Services Office

    I volunteer at a veterans service office, one of many in the Fort Knox area that assist veterans and their survivors with claims involving the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    One day a woman came into my office and explained that her husband had recently died. He was a veteran. She said that his desire had been to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.


    Fort Knox Commander

    Sunday launched Military Saves Week, a campaign to motivate and encourage military families to save money every month. It also encour-ages leaders and organizations to promote savings.

  • The Fort Knox Parent to Parent Team thanks the following volunteers for their help in making Sunday’s Military Child Education Coalition’s Tell Me A Story event a success:

    Joanne Edwards, guest reader; Col. Rick Schwartz; Nancy Schwartz; Ann Campbell; Sue Teeples; Col. David Hubner; Lori Quintas; Lt. Col. Scott King; Debbie King; Sarah Raney; Rose Ramsey; Diana Stanley; Christie Reeves; Col. Kathy King; Vicki Snowden, Stephanie Car; and Sgt. Maj. Clarence “Cap” Stanley.

    Our teens, Danial Salvetti, Scott Hubner, Matt Hubner, and Morgann Reeves.



    My friend Dawn is the kind of mother I have always wished I could be.

    Not only is she one of those moms whose kids are always on time, color-coor-dinated, and in poss-ession of shiny white teeth and fresh breath, the woman looks like a brunette Cameron Diaz. I mean it. Right down to the flat stomach. Which was fine when we were in our 20s, but now that we’re in our 40s it is downright obnoxious.

  • Ready Army

    As unpredictable spring weather approaches, Ready Army is reminding Army personnel and their families to prepare themselves for the possibility of tornadoes.

    All Army personnel should also continue to maintain a basic level of preparedness for all potential hazards.

    Tornadoes, the most violent natural hazard, are rotating, funnel-shaped clouds formed from thunderstorms. Strong winds are the most destructive aspect, with gusts reaching as high as 300 mph. The damage path can be a mile wide.

  • The 11th ACR reunion (hosted by the Border Legion of the Blackhorse Association) is scheduled June 24-28 in Fulda, Germany.

    All former and current Blackhorse troopers of all eras are invited to attend the reunion at the Maritim Hotel.

    For more information, contact Glenn Snodgrass at (703) 250-3064, e-mail jgs525@cox.net, or go to the Web site www.11thacr.org.


    Fort Knox Commander

    February is Black History Month, when we celebrate the diversified history of our nation and look at the influence of famous Americans of African descent.

    Originating in 1926, Black History month, sometimes known as African American History month, was created by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, a prominent African-American historian. It takes place in February to mark the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, two Americans who greatly influenced the lives of African Americans.



    The school secretary scanned the group of moms sitting outside the office. “Mrs. Ludlow? Is there a Mrs. Ludlow?”

    We all looked at each other wishing Mrs. Ludlow would get a move on so we could get our own papers signed and be on our way.


    Fort Knox

    Army Substance Abuse Program

    National Children of Alcoholics Week was last week.

    Alcoholism in the home can have long-lasting effects.

    Although some children have no problem adjusting, national statistics indicate that approximately one in four children in the U.S. experience some difficulty because they are exposed to alcohol abuse, or there is dependence in the family at some point before age 18.

  • I read Kellie Etheridge’s column about Valentine’s Day in last week’s Turret. I don’t normally respond to articles, but her’s was so right on the money—including just plain ol’ humor—that I couldn’t resist.

    I agree with her. Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day as a holiday?

    I’m also single (widowed, actually) and all of my well-meaning friends feel so sorry for me because I don’t have my own personal sweetheart. My answer to that is, who cares? Sweethearts are too much trouble.

  • I was flipping through last week’s Turret and read

    Ally Rogers’ sports column. I know just what she meant about Pittsburgh bandwagon fans.

    I moved to Meade County from the Pittsburgh area a little more than a year ago, and everyone around here has been razzing me about my beloved Steelers… until they won their sixth ring. Now everyone wants to be my best friend and call themselves

    “true-blooded” Steelers fans.


    Turret Staff Writer


    Following the Christmas holiday, I was seeing red. And pink.

     It wasn’t even January, and already the stores had the Valen-tine’s Day displays set up.

    Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, colorful stuffed animals of all breeds and sizes, cutesy little candy hearts that say “Be Mine,” and the strictly-Valentine’s-Day-card aisle still dominate most stores.


    Fort Knox Commander

    February is a short month, but that does not change how busy we are.

    This month is loaded with on-post events like the Armor Ball, the National Prayer Break-fast, the annual Recognition of Excellence ceremony, the kick-off

    for the Year of the NCO, and the annual recognition of Black History month. As we dig out from the winter’s snow, this month is a great time to check-out one of these events.

  • Fort Knox Garrison

    Fort Knox Garrison Commander Col. Rick Schwartz wants to hear your concerns, comments, and issues about the way services are delivered on Fort Knox.

    Your Garrison Team is responsible for the day to day operations of the post, as well as planning for the future of Fort Knox. Your comments make a difference in the way the post runs today and may well improve business operations for future Fort Knox families.


    Turret Staff Writer


    I love snow, but I hate ice and I’m sure I’m not alone in that mode of thinking.

    Kentucky was hit last week with mostly freezing rain and ice, resulting in the ceasing of public activity that nearly made headlines as “The Week the State Stood Still.” The snow came later.


    Fort Knox Commander

    The ice storm last week was definitely something for the record books.

    For example, it kept the Turret from publishing an edition for the first time in our weekly paper’s 60-year history, and for only the second time in 15 years, Fort Knox was closed for more than a couple of days due to power outages across post and the surrounding region.  

  • The personnel of Hardin County Water District No. 1 express our thanks for assistance from Fort Knox and the public works staff following the catastrophic ice storm which hit Jan. 27.

    As you know, our water plant lost power in the early morning of Jan. 28. The previous day, HCWD2’s plant had lost power, and we had already started supplying them with water from Fort Knox.


    Turret Associate Editor


    The pronouncements of the congressional BRAC committee in 2005 are old news. The public is aware that Fort Knox will be transformed by the numerous changes.

    However, the BRAC committee only outlined the changes with broad strokes and established the dates when those moves should be implemented.


    Fort Knox Commander

    As we welcome in 2009, we recognize “The Year of the Noncommissioned Officer.”